A wolf scout comes home

Ok. So tonight I took a break from painting- sort of… I base coated some old metal pathfinders for a project. And then ate chili and watched some TV. So nothing really new to show. But I thought I’d tell a story.

A few weeks ago I was playing with my newly painted Space Wolf army for the first time. They assaulted a mob of boyz and pulled them off an objective. Then in a second game they popped a Vindicator coming to do wrong to their fellows. They were also my first “real” coverted unit. Made even more cool because I don’t dig the GW scout models. Also they were the unit of both matches. Showing up at the right time to do good works. So I was crestfallen when one was AWOL at the end if the day. Seems he had fallen in with some Orks and went home with them.

Saturday he was returned with a “hey, that’s not an ork. Whose is this?”.

So here he is. Back from holiday. He’s probably my favorite conversion.


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