Venerable Dread

Just picked up one of these guys last night. Here are my thoughts

1. The new arms are way cool… The autocannon is just a little bit longer… so it don’t look so stubby. Also, GW has designed the model so that you can exchange out the arms by sliding the weapon out of the housing… One each weapon piece there is a “U” shaped cutout that locks the piece into the arm post… So they just got a lot more flexible for listbuilding (unless you always take the twinlinked las cannon…)

2. Old Dready arms don’t fit on the new model… The posts are slightly too big…. Probably not a big deal though.

3. There is no option for your powerclaw arm to have a shooty weapon included… So you’ll need to work something out if you want to run this guy as a rifleman dread.

4. The sarcophagus options are pretty cool… You can either do the FW style head or the old school coffin box… There are a ton of options for each.

5. The “shinguards” for the legs are a little limited… There is an option covered in writing and one that has upside down shield blanks on it… For my wolf-naught, I put a wolf skull in one an it looks pretty cool (pics to follow) I kind of wished they would have left a pair of the old style ones without anything on them…. but oh well…

6. Model itself is pretty awesome… very few sprue gunk to trim…. everything was super-crisp… I was also putting together my FW wolf dread and the difference in the crispness was pretty apparent… it’s a good thing Forgeworld gives you that awesome banner….

7. Lots of little crosses and gubbins come with the model.. Including one sword shield thing that will go well on something else along with a scroll that will also find a home on a tank or something…

Overall, I think they just retired their standard dread model… I couldn’t imagine buying a stock dread again now that this one is out….


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5 Responses to Venerable Dread

  1. Nice review…but don’t you mean Assault cannon in point 1?

    Also, If you look closely at the names of the battles, some of them are out of chronological order. It’s depressing. lol

  2. Oh, and the plastic is a little thinner (on mine at least) so be careful when removing from sprue.

  3. clt40k says:

    Yup… assault cannon…

    Yeah, the plastic is a bit thinner….

    Also, it seemed like the main body was easier to put together than I remember….

  4. Max says:

    Thanks for the review- I’m thinking of building up a dread-heavy force and wasn’t sure if the standard dread would be worth it, and apparently it’s not. Thanks!

  5. clt40k says:

    Standard dread is still a good model… but for $1.75 US more, the only way I’d pick up a normal dread is if I wanted to run him with missles….

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