Old Crow Models converted for use as an Imperial Guard Tauros Venator

Slingshot Multi-Purpose AFV

If they were just a wee bit wider. My entire guard army would use them.

Got three of the old crow models in the post on Saturday. REALLY well done. At first I was hoping they might sub for a Hellhound or something. But they just aren’t big enough. However they are about the same dimensions as one of the new Tauros Venators from Forgeworld. So I did some kitbashing and modeled them up for use in the Cadian 73rd.

Couple notes.

It took about a month for the models to get here.

The casting is SUPER clean. I didn’t have to trim a thing on them.

Lots of variants for the turret. Comes with metal bits for guns that weren’t used (I kitbashed a lascannon instead – which fit perfectly in the space with no need to modify)

There is a top and a bottom half and wheels that fit into moulded grooves so if you mess it up it’s cecause you’re 4 yrs old and can’t help it :-). So it’s easy to put together.

Price is pretty good, even with shipping to the US…

Only criticism is that the wait time…. but the quality of the models is certainly worth it….

I’ll post more once it’s painted

Here’s a pic comparing it to a Cadian and the Tauros…

Side by side with the Tauros… It’s just a tiny bit longer

Height comparison between Tauros, Slingshot and a Razorback

The only bad thing about the model is that it needs to be just a bit wider ;-(

On the whole though, it’s an awesome model…


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2 Responses to Old Crow Models converted for use as an Imperial Guard Tauros Venator

  1. ColCorbane says:

    Now you’ve made me envious, I’ve got at least another month before I get my resin crack fix in the form of a venator.

    Thanks for sharing matey.

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