Painting update

So the three modified Russes that I wanted to finish last week are finally done. Also, I got the bug last weekend to play three Vindicators in my Wolf list for an upcoming tourney. So another model was taken from my Templars and I picked up two more. So Tuesday through Thursday was spent getting them tabletop ready. And finished tonight. Also picked up a venerable Dreadnaught (which will be based later tonight). **update – painted – pics are here **

Two medusa tanks, 9 melta weilding vets and a squad of Firewarriors are on the block next.

I really like the “Linebreakers” below…  I decided not to put too many transfers on them…  Just the numbers on the front….  Thought they weathered up pretty well too…  Also found an easier way to paint the lights… Ie, I’m putting my brush sideways to get the brass framework on there….  and then using really short strokes.


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