Long Fangs on the Cheap

So if you’ve tried to put together a devastator squad by purchasing bits online you’ll agree that it’s become really expensive to buy Marine missile launcher arms. So in the vein of my Wolf Scouts I thought it might be a lot less costly to put together the three 6 man Long Fang squads using scouts with Tac squad heads. By buying from the Warstore, eBay, and what was in my bitbox, I managed to get 18 Long Fangs for about $60. Woot. The Warstore should have my bits to me early next week.

I was going to paint their fatigues in Catachan green. But it looked sort of dorky. So instead they are painted with Luftwaffe Blue like my other scouts. I’m really happy with the transfer trick. (Glosscoat, transfer, dullcoat)

Not worried about WYSIWYG so much. They have launchers and the squad leader has pistol and chainsword. If my opponent can’t deal with that they can go hang. I’m happy with them.


2 thoughts on “Long Fangs on the Cheap

  1. Dude, I love these damn models. Can’t wait until you don’t have to throw down firewarriors in their place. Lol. People always ask you about that one.

  2. Well, I’m out of the FireWarrior Counts As business… I’m hoping to have them mostly done by Thurs….

    I really dig them too… I kind of want to run Black Templars with Neophytes now…

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