Long Fangs Started

Got the parts today from the Warstore for my Long Fangs. Put them together, primed and roughed them out in Codex Grey and Luftwaffe Blue. Tomorrow I’ll paint the leather bits, Touch up and wash them. Drybrush of course. Then it’s the shoulder pads, fine details, and basing. (ie, the fun parts).

But I got a lot further than I had anticipated tonight so I’m pretty happy.


About clt40k

This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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3 Responses to Long Fangs Started

  1. kennedy says:

    Looking damn good. I want to see them on the table on Thursday. Hopefully they’ll be done.

    I will say, my poor little Eldar tanks are scared of that many damn missile shots… Gotta figure out a way to stomp these guys quick…

  2. clt40k says:

    I know you’re not into specific objective lists… but “I” think you might enjoy running a footslogger Eldar list against them 🙂

  3. kennedy says:

    Dude, the only thing that’s stopping me from running a bad ass footdar list is the fact that it would be soooo cheesy. You’d never play me again after I whooped your ass with some Eldrad/Avatar synergy. 😉

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