Wolves vs Seer Council

Played my mate Kennedy last night and I thought I’d do a quick batrep…  Here’s a link to his blog

He plays a Seer Council /Fire Prism based Eldar list…  It’s really tough cause of it’s mobility and his tanks have that Eldar field that makes them tough to break….  We played objectives and pitched battle, I went first and he held everything in reserve….  End result, I held one obective and we contested 3…  so a narrow victory…  But I blew the hell out of his tanks along the way – only losing a dread… so it feels bigger than it really was…. 🙂

So while I’m certainly happy with the outcome of the game… I made some tactical errors…

Error I – Hey, I spent those combi-melta points for a reason…  I could have potentially crushed one of his turn 5 objective grabs if I had shot two meltas at his Farseer (her transport and seer council got shot out around her…)   Doh!

Error II – should have paid more attention to distance around my objectives…  In turn 5 I dropped two squads around objectives and tried to bubble wrap them with troops…  Which was pretty effective…  But, I didn’t have to allow his Guardians to be within 3″ and I could have stopped his ability to contest cold by moving a model about 1/2 more forward.  For the lower battle, I should have done two things…  1.  I had a full squad of Wolves in a rhino near by…  I should have the small Flamer/Razorback squad 1″ away from his council,  Moved up one squad with Rune Priest to block / assault next turn, and I should have unloaded the other squad out of it’s rhino where it was doing NOTHING and used it to objective sit…  And if I had taken the farseer in close combat, I could have bounced to an objective about 5″ away with a good roll.

Error III – I managed to contest one of the objectives by pure luck…  I wanted to shoot the Seer Council’s wave serpent in the rear arch with a multi melta on a speeder…  It was only AFTER the game I realized there was an objective right next to my Speeder….

Error IV – PAY ATTENTION TO THE TURN…  I made an offhand comment about “hey what turn is it anyway”… and found out I was going into turn 5…  Now granted… I went first and he held everything in reserve…. so the game was a little wonky in that respect… but as a habit, it might be a good idea to pay attention to that sort of thing….

I’m sure I made some other mistakes, but those are the big ones that stand out….

Things I think I did well…

I.  Luck was on my side… my opponent had crappy reverve rolls… My Wolf Scouts got to outflank and nuke two Fire Prisms and his other heavy was dropped the same turn it came onto the field.  The other stuff was just volume of fire though….  My luck wasn’t in my good rolling, but in my opponent’s Bad rolling. 

II.  I got to place the first objective and I planned my deployment around setting myself up to be in a good winning posisition for the late game….

III.  My deployment threatened the whole board…  There wasn’t any place for him to really hide.  Though it was still really close at the end.. I don’t feel like I allowed him a “safe spot”

IV.  I think I made the right choice to sacrafice a dread in close combat to act as a speedbump so his troop unit couldn’t threaten the productivity of my Long Fangs… 

V.  I think I made the right choice to use my Psychic powers even though I was rolling on 3D6.  Only took one perils for lots of shooting.  So good shooting there.

VI.  Thought I did a good job with threat assessment and was hitting the right things first… though it ws made easier for my his army coming on the board in two chunks out of reserve.  Also, in movement, I tried to make sure everything had a primary and a secondary target…  For the most part, that made me feel like my shooting rounds were more productive.


One thought on “Wolves vs Seer Council

  1. I have to say, the reserve everything tactic had NEVER worked for me. I really wish I would have done a lot of things differently. Thus, I learned a lot, making the game a fair success.

    Still… It did suck only killing one thing. Ugh.

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