First of the Generi-marines finished

So here are the first of my recycled Black Templars. Initially I was going to use a blue paint scheme. But my Space Wolf test piece looked like a Cub Scout with his yellow shoulder pauldrons. So it was back to the drawing board. I made the decision that all my loyalist Marines should have a similar paint scheme so that I don’t have to keep buying vehicles. Once the troops are painted I’ll go back and generic up the vehicles. That way I’ll be able to run any vehicle, any points, and not have to “borrow” from my other armies

In other news. Had a good time at the shop this weekend. Ended up playing a doubles game. Me and a Salamanders player vs Smurfs and Tau. Unit of the match was a toss-up between my long fangs who dropped 9 templates onto a Space Marine Squad without ANY scatter more than an inch. Or the wolf scouts who dropped a Land Raider, remnants of a Firewarrior squad, and were about to assault a pair of gun drones when we called the game. My rune priests totally sucked though. Failing psychic tests and taking Perils all game. My partner and I set up the board while our opponents finalized their lists. There was FAR more terrain than makes sense. But it was just a fun game so no worries.

At any rate here’s a pic of the Generi-Marines…  I’ll probably base them tomorrow… and then put the white dot in the eyes… but for all practical purposes… their done….


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