Fun with an airbrush plus wolf with flamethrower

Finished up the Grey Hunter as well as some primer and airbrush work tonight. When I started this evening. Everything on the shelf was either primed or bare. Now all has been hit with a coat of codex grey. Including three rhinos and two dreads

In other news. I’m set to play a test game tomorrow for ‘Ard Boys. I’m just not very excited about the tournament. The one I went to I saw a little too much douchebaggery to feel like it was the place fo me. But I think I have a nasty list to bring tomorrow so Kennedy can test his Eldar against. Much like my current list but more of the same. Should have a ton of shots to drop the stupid xenos. 😉


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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4 Responses to Fun with an airbrush plus wolf with flamethrower

  1. Did you paint that banner?? I hate you… :p

  2. clt40k says:

    Nope… I just know the secret of perfect transfers 🙂

    The key is to put down a coat of gloss before you put the transfer on… Leave the gloss coat a little tacky when you do… that way the edges of your transfer blend into the gloss…. Where you have some creasing and the transfer looks like it wants to ripple… just cut the ripple with your hobby knife and press the pieces into the gloss coat underneath… that gives you a smooth edge around your transfer…. This happens a lot on shoulder pads…

    Once it’s dry you hit the whole thing with dull coat and you’re done…. Since I’ve learned that trick, I haven’t had to do hardly any finish work on my transfers…

  3. clt40k says:

    But thanks for thinking I had mad skillz!

  4. clt40k says:

    Hey Elessar, get rid of the content warning thingy on your blog so I can read it at work… dude there is nothing “offensive” about your blog anyway… Unless you like comp scores

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