Generi Assault Marines

So the first of about 20-ish Jump Pack chappies are done. I think tomorrow I’ll hit the rest of the Generi-Marines with a coat of Codex Grey with the airbrush. That “should” cut their production time a bit. I’ve also got a Space Wolf with Flamer that needs the finishing touches as well. So maybe another pic tomorrow.

Also, learned a couple of things…  first – when using the gloss coat over the shoulder pads in order to drop in a transfer, I need to do maybe 2-3 at a time.  I hit everyone with the gloss coat last night and the later ones needed a lot of touch-up once the dull coat went over the transfer…  So I think the trick is to get it while it’s still a little tacky. 

Second thing I learned…  Last week, Kennedy had suggested paiting the entire base before I put down the gravel and flock… Yup, looks better….

Third thing – Bleached bone is good for cloth…  with the Catachan greeen, I think it has a really nice contrast…. 


2 thoughts on “Generi Assault Marines

  1. Not abandoned… just transformed… the whole point behind this is to be able to re-use my vehicles…. Now I’ll get the whole set 🙂

    And this will let me run them as Templars or Blood Angels….

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