FTW collaborative post – create a unified theme for your army


OK, so Ron from FTW asks the question…. How do you create a unified theme for your army outside of composition. 

So I’ll try not to ramble too much…. but here’s my story. 

I’m actually pretty new to 40K. I started playing right at the very beginning of 5th edition. My first army were Black Templars and well did I love them. But then I wanted to play Space Wolves (what’s not to like about Space Vikings?!?) So not only did I start buying wolf packs… but Templar vehicles began to be “liberated” or “Vikinged” for the cause… 

Fast forward — I now had all these old Black Templar models with no ride. Since it was my first army, the paint job was “First Army Quality” — in other words… awful. So all 50-60 of them went into the drink (aka – Brake Fluid) and were just waiting to be primed…. 


1. Redo them with a new paint scheme = buy more tanks 

2. Do a similar paint scheme – so that I can match them with my existing tanks = more money to buy more different tanks 🙂 

So choice two won out. 

Since my Templars have a grey theme I’ve kept the grey for the body, but changed the colors of the shoulder pads and icnongraphy to match. My vehicles will get some modification (ie, pulling off all the wolf transfers – to be replaced by numbers mostly and perhaps some Imperial Aquila – that way the tanks will match everyone) Dreads will keep their iconography… I like dreads and think that the venerable brothers should stand out! 

The key behind this is that at the end of the day, I’ll be able to run any loyalist Marine army without buying more vehicles. And with the $$$ I save by not having to buy more rhinos, I’ll be able to deepen my collection to include all of each FoC slot. Which gives me the option to run a lot of different army builds. 

In terms of basing….. Everybody gets the same. Even HQs… My thought behind this is that by having everybody based and flocked the same way you get that more unified look. In fact, I throw out the bases for the dreads and use a regular, not molded one, so that they don’t look weird standing next to troops. 

Other things that *I* think will help you tie your army together —  Paint them the same way… Ie, if you use a certain wash on one… you should use it on everybody…  figure out early how you’re going to mark out vets or your sergeants…  Then stick to it.  Guns should all be painted the same (unless you’re doing something to distinguish that gun — ie Sternguard or something)  —  One thing that really helps me is that I do test pieces…  

Here are a couple of pics of the Templars Reborn compared to the Wolves…. 


For the assault chappies, everybody gets the Fast Attack decal… but I flipped it on its points to make it more templar-ish…  Everybody in the Army will have the Green pads, with black borders… the right shoulder pad will all have the winged sword (yeah, it’s DA, but I like the decal)  the Left will have thier FoC things (ie, arrow for tacs – X for FA, etc…)  All the chainsword teath will be painted in chainmail with a P3 Armor wash over it.  Guns will be black, magazines in Boltgun, and the whole thing hit with the P3 wash (which totally rocks by the way)…   Within the Army all cloth will be of the bleached bone with a delvin mud wash over them…  All skulls with Ivory/Delven Mud.   All the little stand out skulls (backpacks and Powerfists) will be red.  I think that by keeping this “formula” across the army, everybody will look cool…. 


For my Wolves, I did much the same ….. 

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