Just a little more hate…..


So I’m considering makeing some alterations to my current 2K list….  By dropping a Rune Priest and a Dread, I’m able to squeeze in Razorbacks for the Long Fangs — this will help get them into position for those pesky “Dawn of War” deployments. I’m also able to make the punch of the assaulting Wolves a little harder….  Since, I’m not really using the Power Fists in the squads, I’ve replaced the PF with Power Weapons in two of the Rhinos and a Thunder hammer in the other….

So here’s how the new list looks…..

Rune Priest, 7 Grey Hunters (Melta and Power Weapon), Wolf Guard (melta bombs and Powerweapon) in a Rhino with PMSB

Rune Priest, 7 Grey Hunters (Melta and Power Weapon), Wolf Guard (melta bombs and Powerweapon) in a Rhino with PMSB

Wolf Guard with Thunderhammer, 8 Grey Hunters (Melta and Power Weapon) in Rhino with PMSB.

Long Fang Pack – 5 Missile Launchers, Squad Leader in Razorback with TL Lascannon

Long Fang Pack – 5 Missile Launchers, Squad Leader in Razorback with TL Lascannon

Long Fang Pack – 5 Missile Launchers, Squad Leader in Razorback with TL Lascannon

5 Grey Hunters (Flamer) in Razorback with TL Lascannon

5 Wolf Scouts (meltagun and melta bombs)

Land Speeder Typhoon (ML and Melta)

Land Speeder Typhoon (ML and Melta)

I’m not against running the Razorbacks as LasPlas… but I’ve been using the one in my list for Long Range support more than anything else…  and in that role, I *think* it will be more useful having a better chance to hit rather than more shots at 24″ or closer…  I’ll play test it for a while and if it looks like I need the extra short range punch, I can always make the switch….

Assaulty squads (all three of em) drive up while the Rune Priests are pumping out D6/str 7 love towards the bad guys…  At that special point, they get out and assault something.  If thier rhino is shot away, it’s a Move/Run or Move/Assault existance for ’em.  Once in assault range, I have a lot of PW attacks coming from the squad/Wolf Guard/Rune Priest.  (I thought about leaving the Combi Meltas, but I always forget the darn things anyway – wasted points if you forget you have them and they would steal an attack from the Wolf Guard)   Since it’s pretty common that I’m assaulting from two units, there isn’t much out of a death star that would scare me…..  I’ve got enough to hang a lot of shots on them prior to assault, and once in assault, I can force more Invo saves than is healthy…  

The little 5 man squad is there to sit on an objective while thier Razorback does something useful.

Long Fangs – blow the hell out of everything – tanks first.

Razorbacks – see Long Fangs… 

Wolf Scouts – Outflank, break vehicles, make the enemy waste fire killing them… or if they leave them alone, they can go on a rampage and break more stuff…  I figure thier real value is in making my opponent have to worry about them.  They’re not that hard to deal with, but they will most likely break something before they go… it’s just a matter of what…  Having the melta bombs is just insurance.  And they’re cheap in terms of points….

Speeders – either hide out and try not to get killed untill something that needs killing comes close enough for a suicide Melta rush, or deep strike in and wreck something with treads.  Or hide behind rhinos and shoot 2 str 8 shots per turn till they seem more threatening than the 4 str 9 TL Razorback shots…  If they live, I can always boost them to contest objectives (like a gimpy Eldar)

In terms a saturation… I’m going from having 4 rhino chassis vehicles on the table to 7.  So I feel like this will make it harder for my opponent to prioritize, since everything is a threat. 

In terms of the whoopin it brings every turn – 2d6 str7 from Priests, 19 str8 from Long Fangs/speeders, 4 TL str9 from the razorbacks, plus 4 melta, 2 multi melta, Melta bombs and a thunder hammer. 


 Edit – the Power Weapons are gone…  Replaced with Powerfists… 




One thought on “Just a little more hate…..

  1. I don’t look forward to facing this. I knew the dread was gonna go, eventually. He always just seemed to under perform.

    Anyways, this is very nasty. Failtau wouldn’t have lasted any turns against this.

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