Quick BatRep – Wolves vs Marines



Last night I played the “auto tie” scenario against my buddy Brian up at the shop. 2K, One objective each and pitched battle deployment. Kennedy set up the table like a complete douche since he didn’t have a game at the time. So I got stuck trying to hide 3 units of Long Fangs in craptastic cover (A wooded hill and a 1 story building on the extreme right of the table) The other side of the table had a nice tall building right in the center. Brian won the roll-off – and by table a layout alone, Kennedy forced him to sacrifice going second on an objective mission in order to hose me by taking the better side of the table… The end result was a wash though… I got bad terrain but got to go second… Which was good for a quick moving Wolf Speeder at the end of the game FTW. 

Brian runs a pretty tough and balanced list with Devs, a LR, Speeder, Pred, etc… Unfortunately, he also runs a single vindicator… which, like all good vindicators lost it’s big gun during my first turn of shooting and was a REALLY expensive rolling storm bolter. 

So Brian attempts to run his LR down my throat… but I surround it with troops (so he couldn’t get out) then kept it stunned for three turns with 200+ points inside… This let me fight against 1500 points for most of the game… In retrospect though, this may have been a mistake on my part as I had to sacrifice a unit to tie up the LR… Then, when his 5 Storm Shield / Thunder Hammer chappies unloaded, it was LATE in the game and he brought a LOT of killin to have to deal with all at once….. So the first turn they deployed, I completely ignored them… I had a bubble wrap unit of Long Fangs who gave up the ghost to be a blocking unit. Then in Turn 5, I hit his termies with everything and then assaulted with a full pack of Grey Hunters + RP and another combat squad of Grey Hunters. At the same time, Mr. Landspeeder did something very useful and sat on his objective – contesting it. Game went to Turn 6. He couldn’t kill my speeder (I made like 6 4+ saves – which explains the “Happy Go Fast” Wolf picture at the top of the page…) His Termies were Dead, Dead, Dead, and I shot him off his objective for good measure ensuring the win if it were to go to turn 7…. 

All in all, a hard fought game… There was some good rolling (speeder saves) and some bad rolling (20+ Frag hits on a wrecked rhino unit that I only managed to score 1 wound… meh… which he saved) 

So earlier in the week, I posted some changes to my list that I wanted to try… This game was pretty telling for that… 

Razorbacks did a good job… I’m glad I added the 3 to the list. Having 9 vehicles + Long Fangs = Target Saturation. Also, Kennedy and I have an ongoing debate about what is better… LasPlas or TLlas for the Razorbacks. I was in a situation late in the game where it would have been nice to have those 6 TL plasma shots…. but in truth, I didn’t need them cause I had capable tools to do the same job… So for now, I’m more inclined to keep the Razorbacks as TLlas since the re-roll helped me a lot throughout the game in trashing vehicles. 

Long Fang deployment… Again, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to deploy them.. ie, all together or spread out… I honestly don’t think it matters… so I think in the future, I’ll go for elevation first… if not, then it don’t really matter, as long as they’re in 4+ cover. 

Didn’t miss that 3rd rune priest… especially when his Libby kept shutting down my 2 Rune Priests for most of the game…. That, in my opinion if the risk of having 300 points tied up in 3 psychic autocannons (living lightning) – I feel a lot better about running two… Also, it reduces my fear of things like “Eldar Cheater Stones” which cause me to perils on 12+ from 3D6… bleh…. and losing the 3rd allowed me to fit in the razorbacks… 

Thunder hammer was a waste of points – three turns of hitting a LR and couldn’t do crap… I think I’ll can it and go with a powerfist instead… 

Sidenote *** I think the key learning point for this game is that the ONLY thing that’s any damn good at cracking a LR is Melta… Unfortunately for this game, I had dedicated a speeder’s Multi Melta as well as squad melta gun and still couldn’t do more than stun it… which was all I really needed to do…. but I wasted a lot of shots from Lascannons trying to silence that threat with no real success… in the future, I’ll run up another squad to help out before I dedicate TLlas shots at it. 

Using two power weapons in the squad = OVERKILL – In theory, the best combat is the one that starts in your phase and ends in your opponents…. Having 11 attacks that force an Invo are just too much. I don’t think it’s cost effective… But I think it’s one of those things that you gotta learn by experience. It’s back to the WG with PF, Melta, Rune Priest, and marines… 

In terms of game analysis… 

I pretty much castled up.. so my tactics were pretty set… but…. 

* Had a situation when my Wolf Scouts came where I could have either attacked a Dread and a Pred, or a dread and a combat squad… I chose the combat squad / dread… I wanted to keep some pressure on that side of the board… which I was hoping would lead to a semi-refused flank late in the game… didn’t really work.. but I felt like my scouts did something effective… 

* Brian has a tendency to bottleneck his force… by stopping the Raider, I pretty much kept him playing 24 inches off of my board edge and it gave most of my stuff cover… 

* I thought I did a good job moving to hit his vehicles out of cover… ie, slide a razorback 4-6 inches to get an unobstructed view of his side armor. 

* Thought I did a good job keeping the units I needed to crush his TermieHammer protected in place until they needed to get out and do wrong to their persons. 


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