Got trashed by IG :-(

Very very sad day for my wolves…. 

Played two games against Guard with 5 Leman Russ tanks on the field…  Got stomped the first game and tied the second…  both were Kill Points games….  Basically, he used his Russ’es as a shield for everything else and drove them down the choke point on the field while blowing the hell out of my Long Fangs and watching my Razorbacks (and everything else) not Pen….  The rest of his stuff hid behind the AV14 all game so I never got a clean shot… and when I did get one that went through…. I would roll a 1 for pen…  very very sad… indeed….  I swear he made all his cover saves…   I was disappointed, but I hope I lost with some grace… but we all went out for food later… so I don’t think he was sore and I owned my whippin like a man… 

I think the fact that I did see some improvement in my own tactics between the two games is a good sign….   Not much experience against guard….  Today was games 2-3 that I have every played against guard (the first was about 3 months after I started playing) So I can’t beat myself up too much about it….  First game I got in a shooting match in HIS range…  Second game, I sort of refused flanked him and in turns 3-5 I got to go Chimera hunting while his Russes were on the other side of a building and not able to shoot me…  I should have made that tactical decision at deployment… Not turn 2….  

Lessons learned… 

1.  Gotta get side armor — which I can’t really do if I deploy looking right down his barrels.  The first game I made this mistake thinking I’d just get out and assault —  which I did, then got shot to death after dropping a Russ – that gave up 6 kill points (FAIL).  The second game, I tried to kite him – but I lacked commitment to the tactic… so I only did so half heartedly…  I should have just gone totally refused flank and piled everything up on the opposite corner… then tried the long range game (where I have the better guns… believe it or not… His Russ tanks were the Vindicator/Plasma variety) Or, I should have split deployment (though table layout would have made this less effective….)

2.  Guardsman Marbo is cool —  not real survivable, but way cool….  Though to be honest, with that demo charge, he’s more like a suicide bomber than Rambo…. 

3.  Shouldn’t have been afraid to deep strike my speeders…  They were pretty much useless in both games…  For the 200 points, they need to do something more impactful to the game than cracking one Chimera….

4.  Didn’t really make good use of the meltas in my army…  I’ve got three in Rhinos….  I’m still not 100% about the tactics here… I don’t have enough to REALLY go to town…  Do I just need to mug him and not worry about the KP or what?!?  Any suggestions?

5.  Going to ground sucks…  Just feels like losing. 

6.  Less worried about the whole Squadron thing for my guard army now (Krieg is lame go Cadia! – lets face it, I’ve tried to shoot while wearing a gas mask.. it sucks…  so Gas Mask + Shooty = Lame  )…   but, I’ve been fretting that having vehicles in squadrons would be a bad idea… but as long as it’s AV14… I think I should be OK… so the game was useful there….

Thats about all my brain’s holding from the day… I’m sad that I took a beating, but I’m looking forward to a rematch.


7 thoughts on “Got trashed by IG :-(

  1. Whose Guard did you play? 5 Russes doesn’t sound like anybody I’ve played… and I’ll be damned if I haven’t played (or tried to play) everybody who walks into Howard’s with a single model (“Let’s try a 150 point game, since all you have is Space Marine Captain Model…” “Uh, dude, I don’t play, just paint.” “Come on! You’ll like it! I swear!”).

    You should almost always refuse flank against Guard, depending on what they bring. If they spread, refused flank = win. That works for 90% of armies.

  2. Played Tyson… 3 vindicator Russes and 2 Plasma Russes…. 1 Chemhound, Troops were melta vets in Chimeras…. Never had a good target… Also, took an inquisitor and two Mystics….. Command squad was kitted with plasma….

  3. Next time, vs Demolisher Cannons, you might want to try full-reserve, you will find it much easier to flank them, and get side shots. When they go down, the army will (hopefully) begin to crumble. Obviously, depends on table, mission, etc. lol

  4. Yeah, I don’t play Tyson anymore, as he tends to cheat. Intentionally or unintentionally, I don’t know. I just know that I refuse to play anyone who I know for a fact has been cheaty when called on it.

  5. Not to go all Jarhead… but I think the real problem is “LACK OF ATTENTION TO DETAIL” — Army List, game play, whatever, I don’t get the feeling that he’s trying to be a nasty little cheater…. just don’t pay attention.

    On another note, I don’t have an expectation that one should be 100% familiar with every rule… There is a lot of book to memorize… but I think that one should TRY to know the rules as best as they can… Even if you just care a little bit about them over time and enough games, they’ll stick… But if you just don’t really care…. there’s no real solution…

    BTW Elessar, Thanks!

  6. So I costed out his list based on what I remember and he’s about 150-ish (or 300 if he has 4 vets squads… but I couldn’t remember if there were 3 or 4) points over 2K… And that was being generous and only taking what I saw on the table and knew I remembered….

  7. lol… What did I tell you. I made Josh either use my list that I knew was right or go print one out. Howard has Army Builder, and he will let people use it. Next time, make him have a solid list.

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