Wolves vs. Rush and Heroics from last night

Sometimes that first turn of shooting is so filled with awesome that you know you’ve got the game…. 

So last night, I ended up doing a 2v2.  Me and Blood Angles versus two codex chapters.  It was kind of like New Moon vs. GI Joe.  1500 points each, and Kill Points… but in truth, we decided before hand that the true victor would be whoever could do the most heroic thing.

Like all multiplayer games, it took forever…. but not a big deal since one of the guys, Larric, was getting back into the hobby after a multi-edition hiatus.

So here were the heroic things….

1.  After stealing the initiative, my first turn of shooting made Brian, the school teacher, cuss and call me bad names…  I popped his vindicator, a predator and two rhinos (causing his captain to fail a pinning check) 

2.  Josh had a unit of 9 gimpy Jump pack marines whip a squad of termies coming out of a LR over two turns.  Then he popped the LR to boot.

3.  Larric had a Scout heavy bolter who wouldn’t die and just kept putting wound on my long fangs…  I hit that squad with no fewer than 35 Frag hits….  The squad next to him died, his buddies died, but at the end of the game he was still shooting (and wounding) Long Fangs. 

So at the end of the evening, we decided that Larric was the victor for having a scout actually do something useful throughout the game as well as displaying a resiliency that was above and beyond what was expected of a 4+

Also, I had mentioned last week that I thought the guard player I faced had  a “questionable” list…  I asked him about it last night and he got REALLY indignant.  Saying that I must be smoking crack cause his list was solid…  My response was that it was solidly over 2k…  I actually thought at one point he might hit me…  hehe…   Lucky he had a copy of his list handy…  So we sat down and checked it against Army Builder.  I was wrong in that he only had 3 vet squads and not 4.  But even with that error on my part, his points total came up to 2112…..  So last weekend’s games consisted of my 2K vs a Rush album….  Between pivoting in the shooting phase, deciding to keep the tanks rollin in the shooting phase (after checking to see that they didn’t have a target) and the ole measure-while-placing-the-blast-template caper…  I’m thinking we need to have an intervention…. 

Also, cograts to Ed for winning his first game playing Tau vs Wes.

Oh, and my Sang Gaurd came in last night… so hopefully I can do some BA conversions that will be appropriate for my Generi Marine force that don’t suck…  I just can’t bring myself to use a lot of those bits…  and except for one or two of the heads, they look LAME… but I really like the Jump packs and with a little luck I can cobble together a  cool looking Dante, Jump pack Libby and 3 Sang Priests out of the box… (I just don’t see a place for a full unit of Sang Guard in my list….  )  Perhaps I’ll get them modeled tonight before I go on Vacation for a week…


4 thoughts on “Wolves vs. Rush and Heroics from last night

  1. I thought your deployment was really good… with the Kroot meatshield and the suits using them as cover… How many points were ya’ll playing….

  2. Booya! Kroot shield! Wish I would have been there, but the gf was adamant that I stay with her… That and I feel like my break from playing ain’t quite over yet.

    We do need to do an intervention for Salacious Crumb. Dude needs to learn the rules. If he’s gonna buy $1000 worth of Krieg guys for his army, he needs to not cheat. Intentionally or unintentionally.

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