First Sanguinary Priest done

Slapped some paint on this fella tonight while waiting for Laundry to finish…  I’m leaving for the Coast tomorrow and had the joy of mowing the lawn, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen (thank you Marine Corps for teaching me that I can clean ANYTHING – Semper Fi)  Typically, when I start a new type of model, I’ll do a test piece first to set the “standard” —  If I paint one it’s about 4 hours of work…. but doing them in batches really speeds up my production time…  So I use the work on the first one to help me understand the process so that I can do the others production line style….

Unfortuantly, I couldn’t get a good pic of the wings. But I’m pleased how they came out.  For the wings I started with Boltgun Metal… then applied a wash of the P3 Armor wash (which is pretty awesome BTW) and then on the advice of the wife I did a drybrush of Chainmail over them (in her words, “they need to be more silvery”)

Head was done using a technique I picked up in White Dwarf —  Tallarn flesh…. then Ogryn Wash….  Then drybrush with Elf Flesh…

Thanks to Kennedy for the DA shoulder pads… they’re kind of a pain in the rear to paint (even with thin coats, the white wants to glob up… but after letting it sit for a bit, I went back over it with a wash and it smoothed out…..  I think it came out OK….

Also, decided to try painting the gun parts in Catachan Green to match the shoulder pads.  I’d seen a lot of other models where they painted the gun… and it didn’t really appeal to me all that much… but I kind of like it now that I’ve done one…..  So now I have go back and spend some time on the already painted ones….  Shouldn’t be too Herculean of a task – but I have 30-ish to do… 

I’ve also been playing around with Army Builder trying to get a sense of how the list for the BA should work based on the models I have.   Part of me wants to do an all Decent of Angels list…. but I’m worried that without some sort of heavy support, they’ll just get shot to death… even with FNP….  So I feel like I need enough support that I don’t get all my heavies dropped in the first turn while I’m waiting to come in…  but in doing that I diminish the shock and awe of all those guys dropping on turn 2….  So I guess I’ll have to think on it a bit…..   I haven’t really spent a lot of time looking at other BA lists…  So that’s next on my list (before I go shopping)

In other news, my Orks will soon be going to a new home…  One of the guys at our club has a son that’s into Orks —-  So I’m giving him a sweet deal…. and will be able to pick up most of what I need to finish out the BA.  Maybe someday I’ll pick the orks back up… but I haven’t played them in months… so they’re just collecting dust…

Finally, I’ll be off line for the next week…  I’m headed out to the coast for a week of goofing off at the beach with the In-Laws…  I’ll prob take some codexes along with me so I can prove to the relations that I’m a complete and total geek.   The real question is if I can still surf… I haven’t been since I was 16….  Which was many, many years ago…  I’ll probably just get a sponge board and goof off in the surf…  The waves at Hatteras aren’t all that great this time of year anyway….  They tend to peak out in the fall if I remember correctly…. 

At any rate, enjoy your week…. 



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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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