Rant – the word “broken”

So there are some phrases that come up in the 40K vocabulary that flat out piss me off. Beardy, Cheese, and Broken.

I’ve been looking for a good explaination of what makes a list Cheesy. Here’s what the Internet told me.

“An army built with no regard to fluff”

“X are cheese if you only take them to win”

“Min/Maxing – taking bare minimum troop choices and maxing out special stuff”

Are these people just fucking stupid or is it just me?

Now if we are playing at our FLGS and you tell me you don’t have a solution to my list. And you know that your battleforce list ain’t got a chance but you don’t have the cash to fix it yet. Guess what, I got NO PROBLEM dumbing my list down a bit so we can have a competative game. Or as was done for me, give them some ideas on how to make their list not suck so they can compete in the future.

But if you tell me your stupid ass choices are due to some feeling that it’s somehow WRONG to have a good list and that I should play a craptastic list like yours. Then you’re just an idiot who can’t admit your ability to build a list is lacking and you deserve to fail. If GW didn’t want me to take 3 squads of Long Fangs, then they would either be over priced or would be a 0-1 option now wouldn’t they?

Bottom line is that EVERY codex has some stuff in there that makes them unique. I tease Kennedy a lot about his cheater Eldar. The perils on 3d6 plus the no melta bonus fields on the stupid fast vehicles suck for me. But so does my “your guide/doom goes away on a 4+” Rune Priest power. It’s part of the game and why it’s fun to take different armies. When the power got blocked and I looked at Kennedy and said. “my Rune Priest says your Guide can go f&$k itself….” I got a happy feeling. Hooray for wolves. At the same time when I penned his falcon and my rolls were a 6 and a 1 ( he chose the 1 ) I’m sure he got a happy feeling too

Biggest problem I have with calling something Beardy it is that you’re attempting to make yourself seem bigger by making me look smaller. Which are the actions of a douche. It’s right up there with “I would have won if….” statements.

Swallow your pride, ask for some help making a list that matches how you wanna play, and play a better game. But don’t tell me I’m a tool for making a list that’s tough to beat.


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4 Responses to Rant – the word “broken”

  1. kennedy says:

    Glad you’re back. Most of what you just said, I’ve been trying to formulate a way to say that wasn’t so… full of profanity? You did it (with the profanity) and it didn’t feel as harsh as it would have if I’d’ve said it.

  2. sonsoftaurus says:

    I think it often comes down to:

    Whatever my codex can do is fluffy.

    Whatever your codex can do that mine can’t is broken.


  3. clt40k says:

    Taurus – I think you hit the nail on the head….

    Kennedy – I guess I just have a way with words….

  4. Chumbalaya says:

    Delightful rant, I agree 100%

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