Inspired by Dethtron – Imperial Guard

So this weekend the gaming club is having a cookout at my place.  One of my buddies is coming over and he’s been SLOWLY putting together a Vanilla Marine list.  But he’s not done.  So I’ve offered up my wolves to him to use instead.  We played one game of my list vs. my Tau and he pretty much tabled me… so he should have some fun with it…  Since it’s kind of heavy on the firepower.  but I shall be left without the wolves…. 

That being said, the idea of the weekend is not to get my ass handed to my by playing Tau (especially since I don’t have the models to make an effective build)  So instead, I’ll be breaking one of my rules and playing my unfinished IG force.  Now granted, it’s not optimized and I’ll need to do a lot to get it right…  but it should allow me to put lots of tanks on the board.

After the post I wrote the other day on how to bleed some of the energy off of my list… I haven’t been settled about it….  Mostly, I feel a little sick at the prospect…  Not because I think I have to WIN WIN WIN… but because I’m not sure playing down, even if it’s just in the list, will EVER help anyone…  And lets face it, if the list was all that great, somebody else would have thought of it much earlier…  BTW, I sent a copy of the list to Stelek, last week, so we’ll see if it makes the cut… 

But tonight I shall finish the Walkure and have it ready to be loaded with troops…..  (though it’s really a Vendetta…)

The 2K list will look like

Vendetta + something, Command squad, 4 melta vet squads in Chimeras, 3 Medusa Tanks, 3 Russessesss (battle cannon + Las) and 3 scout sentinels dressed up like Tauros Venators ==  Haven’t worked it out yet…  Any suggestions about builds that incorporate that sort of thing?  I have a unit that would work as Stormtroopers so that might be fun to drop out of the Vendetta… but the cost sucks (but in this case it might be OK due to the limitations of what I have)

And thanks to Dethtron, I’ve been on a German Opera kick recently….  Also, I’m kind of getting board painting Space Marines…. I think I need to mix it up a bit….  so tonight I’ll finish up my Valk.

In other news, here’s a wonderful Viking song for all you heathens…..  it it doesn’t get the blood flowing… then you’re weird…


3 thoughts on “Inspired by Dethtron – Imperial Guard

  1. Chris u need to make a compilation CD of this type of music n play during the cook-out. LOL Put everyone in the mood.

  2. I’m looking forward to the cook out. I just ordered my last 2 ravenwing battleforces, so if I really book it, I can have 2500+ points to play around with and try out different lists. You and I can dick around and try out some different builds, if you’d like. It’ll take the pressure off since we’re both playing unfamiliar armies.

  3. Ed – Totally got one… I listen to it on the way home in celebration of plastic warface lol — Seriously, I really do that…

    Kennedy – Sounds like fun…. I’ve been thinking about the Blood Rodeo build a lot recently… I’m just having a hard time conceptualizing the viability of all jumpers….

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