Wolves vs Nids 10-4

So last night saw two games vs the Nids.  Unfortunately, I have almost NO experience playing against those guys.  So I felt like I was at a real disadvantage against them.  I had to keep asking my opponent stuff like “so just how nasty are those guys in combat?”  Or “what do I have to worry about with those guys?”  —  That being said, it wasn’t the worst of outcomes…

First game I played my IG since a buddy was borrowing my wolves.  Couple notes about my IG list.  I’m not super impressed with the three Russ / three medusa combo.  It’s a ton of points to shoot at two things all game.  I think the answer will come later in the month when I put in an order with Forgeworld and add some hydra goodness.  Also, I picked up another Valk today in order to add to the existing vendetta.  I’m not really looking forward to the conversion..   Also picked up a couple of Baals and another Razorback (cause you just can’t have enough Razorbacks…)

The game vs the Guard was a “fun learning experience” — meaning he beat my face in.  And that was after his Trygon Prime scattered off the board and mishapped into dead.  The only really fun thing was that after hitting the Zoe’s with something like 9 wounds (all saved) it was an exploding Rhino door that killed her…  Which seemed like instant Karma stepping in to lend a hand.  So I lost the “autotie” mission.  Not a whole lot to say there… I just got beat… a lot…

Next game was Kill Points and spearhead deployment vs my Wolves.  I pretty much castled up and spent the whole game blowing them to bits… but I never really felt like I could do much damage every turn.  My target priority was that if it were metal or big – shoot it first.  His two squads of warriors never got into the fight.  The Trygon died after crippling a Razorback and then whipping my Rune Priest and squad in close combat.  As a note to self, the big models are much better to shoot and NOT to assault in CC.  Thankfully, we double killed in the assault phase so that bit of nasty was gone.

My wolf scouts did well and took two Kill Points…..  Once the big stuff was off the board, I fealt like I had a much easier time.  Without the Hive Guard and Zoe’s running around there just wasn’t much anti tank that was’t on the end of somebody’s claw…   Even then, I was really surprised that I was able to pull 10 KPs from him to his 4…. 

Looking forward to more games though…


3 thoughts on “Wolves vs Nids 10-4

  1. Don’t be discouraged. Nids are the quintessential low kill points army. Even an excellent nid list won’t have that many kill points (most will come from small Tervigon-spawned squads). The whole “I don’t feel like I’m doing damage” is the hallmark of a nid army. Until you’ve crushed all their little things and their big guys, you don’t feel like you’ve done anything. However, the nid player feels quite a bit differently.

    We already discussed your IG list and why it isn’t good.

    HR Giger is awesome, btw.

  2. Been a fan of his from back in the Dune days….

    Yeah, it was just weird to win by lots and not feel like I won by lots…. Seemed like he only had a few units… Preggers, the Zoes, Mr. Hive Tyrant, and the Deep-Strike-shoots-a-lot guy…. The six other kill points came from when I didn’t have anything better to shoot at, the scouts, and some late game assaults…. smashing Marine armys is a lot more fun… You take 10 points from a marine and it’s a lot more noticiable…

    Did the GF get to fly out today?

  3. DUNE!

    The Tyranid list is built to do that kind of psychological warfare. You’ll see a lot of stuff go down and then go “Oh, shit. There’s still all of that stuff and etc. etc.” Clark’s list isn’t complete crap, but he doesn’t have the kind of focus necessary to make it a really good list. As it is, he can wipe scrubs or people who get unlucky but will fail to do much against a competent list.

    And yes, the gf unit did fly out today.

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