So I decided my tanks needed a facelift.  I had done some Rhinos in green for another project a few months ago and I REALLY liked how they turned out…  And I’ve been sort of “meh…” about the Grey tanks.  So I was feeling like hell today and stayed home from work.. so after sleeping till 2:00 I headed out to the barn to attack my tanks with an Airbrush.  Also, I had picked up 2 Baal preds, a Razorback and a Valkyrie on Suday (Thanks for buying my Orks Notch) and had stuff put together that needed priming…  So in for a penny, in for a pound right…  

So today I was able to basecoat with the airbrush (I just went over the existing paint job.  Then I did the black bit, treads and other silver bits. Finally I hit them with a wash.  I actually got a whole lot further than I expected…..  My plan is to have the 3 Preds, 2 Baal Preds, and 9 Rhinos ready by the weekend.
In other news. I’ve been working on a 6 pred BA list. Troops will be in assault cannon Razorbacks. With a little proxy I should be able to give it a spin on Thurs night.

So here’s the 2K list V1.0

  • 1 Libby – Blood Lance + Rage
  • 5 Razorbacks ( 4 assault cannon / 1 TL Las) w/ 5 troops each (Sgt w/ PW + Melta gun)
  • 3 Baal Predators
  • 3 Predators – AutoLas
  • 2 Furioso Dreadnoughts

So, 11 Tanks, 5 Meltas, lots of assault cannons…  The autolas preds will just sit back and try to be useful…  Everything else will move up and blow the hell out of whatever (least that’s the plan)  Thought is to treat them kind of like Tau what knows how to fight in CC… ie, overwhelm with suppression fire and then have a 2 unit assault option (2 melta shots then 8 PW attacks on the charge)  I don’t really know what to do with the Dreads ‘cept get them into combat… I’ve pretty much filled up the FoC so they’re really just the extra 250 that I had left over. 

At any rate, thoughts are always welcome. 

 Lots of tanks huh?


One thought on “TANKS!

  1. With so many tanks, might I suggest double Libbies with Shield of Sanguinius? 5+ saves after shooting? On fast tanks? Thank you, I think that my Eldar would fricking kill for that ability.

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