Sad Emo Vampires – Asslt Cannons aren’t THAT cool

So I gave the list from yesterday a try last night in two games vs. Kennedy.  The first game I deployed like a dummy and got beat up.  The second game I thought I deployed better, but got beat up anyway.  I don’t mind the loss.  They’re good for telling you what you need to do better or what you’re missing.  From my perspective, here’s what I came away with.

5 Assault Cannon Razorbacks is lame – I just didn’t have fun shooting them.  This is totally different than my Long Fangs.  I ALWAYS enjoy shooting.  The razorbacks hit stuff and damaged stuff… but I just couldn’t get excited about it.

My thought that 5 man assault squads was enough didn’t really work.  The extra 35 pts each in wargear did not make them viable.  They were just too puny.

Since I was trying to get everyone in the fight… the deployment was an issue.. I just ran out of room to really be effective.  So once the lead tank got popped, I was pretty well bottle necked.  But that’s more of a game lesson than a list lesson… 

So I made some tweaks and I think Rhinos/Sang Priests/more guys are going to be the  “more better”  way for how I want the space emos to play… 

Based off of last night… Here’s what I’m doing instead:

  • 3 Baal Preds
  • 3 Auto Las preds
  • 2x 10 guy Asslt Squad w/ PF and 2x Melta  in Rhino
  • 2x 9 guys Asslt Squad w/ PF and 1x Melta  in Rhino
  • 1 Sang Priest with PW – for FNP
  • 1 Libby
  • And Hunter Killers for everyone….  Hooray….

We’ll give it a shot tonight…  The BA fluff and special rules just don’t appeal to me all that much.  But I like the Baal Pred models and I like Asslt Marines…


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One Response to Sad Emo Vampires – Asslt Cannons aren’t THAT cool

  1. kennedy says:

    Unfortunately, I think you need at least 2 priests. That way, you can run pincer maneuvers and not suffer from trying to bunch up your guys so they all benefit from the priest.

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