Blood Claws vs. Grey Hunters

So I spent some time today chatting with one of the guys at my FLGS who also plays wolves.  We had a pretty good discussion about Blood Claws. 

In my list my troops are currently all Grey Hunters…  That’s to get the extra BS.  However, when I think about how I tend to use them, it’s to attack a troop that’s already had it’s transport cracked.  They always have a leader – Rune Priest + Wolf Guard, so the issue isn’t the “gotta charge at the closest enemy” thing.  And even if it was, then it’s not THAT big of a deal.  So the real question is this:  Is having +2 attacks on the charge worth giving up a pip of BS for their two meltas?

Looking at popping tanks….  Not a problem with anything other than a Land Raider.  Right now, the three troop squads all have meltas…  Mostly so I can run them up and shoot at a LR and have a real chance of making it go away.  But at the same time….  I also have two speeders with Multi-Melta to do the same job…..  And I don’t really give up the advantage, just reduce my effectiveness in one area over another.  So I’m thinking it might make sense to take the two squads with the Rune Priests and make them Blood Claws and keep the squad with the WolfGuard as Grey Hunters (who get fired at the Land Raider first if needed)

Another thought shared was around using Wolf Guard in Termie Armor with a cyclone Missile Launcher to add to the Long Fangs…  seems a bit pricey… but it would give me a 2+ to allocate to (which makes them even more resilient)  It also would make me feel better about splitting fire in the group (3/3 just feels more right than 3/2)

Looks like I’ll spend some time on Army Builder tonight….

Oh, and Blood Claws WOULD be more “fluffy” right 🙂

Edit – One thing I forgot, was that their WS is only a 3.  So as a result, MEQs will be hitting them back on a 3+

So in looking at them as an option, they kind of suck compared to Grey Hunters….  Oh well, it was a thought.


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2 Responses to Blood Claws vs. Grey Hunters

  1. kennedy says:

    Don’t forget, Blood Claws are WS 3 as well. Sucks for getting hit back more often. I personally wouldn’t bother with Blood Claws, last edition they were all the rage. This edition, Grey Hunters are equal points and better equipped. Just say no to power armored scouts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Blood Claws are OK and all, but Grey Hunters are sooo much better. The fact that Blood Claws get 1 bonus attack and also that they get hit on 3’s makes it a wash against marines, and here’s why:

    10 Blood Claws charge 10 Grey Hunters
    Blood Claws:
    40 attacks–20 hits–10 wounds–3.33333 dead Grey Hunters
    Grey Hunters
    30 attacks–20 hits–10 wounds–3.33333 dead Blood Claws

    So they are just as good as one another in close combat against MEQs, and the Grey Hunters get a Bolter, to rapid fire stuff to death, moar melta, to explode tanks to death (2 Melta per 10 GH as opposed to 2 Melta per 15 BCs), and they have a higher BS to do both of those jobs moar effectively. And they’re more BadA**, less foaming loony. Go Grey Hunters.

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