Space Emo’s for the loss……

So on the way home tonight I had to listen to “Everybody Hurts” by REM…  It tells me I’m not alone and that the sad feelings I have are shared by others… so comforting….

See I made a deal with myself…  If I win, it’s Ride of the Valkyries…  If I lose, it’s “cutting on yourself is a cry for attention help” crap from REM….  sounds fair and motivates me to do the following….

  •  Not take the game too serious…  
  • Like winning cause I freakin hate that song
  • Get revenge on the sorry bastards that make me lose.

You see, sometimes good ideas turn out to be bad ideas.  Really bad ideas.  Really, REALLY bad ideas….

I tried playing the following list today vs. Kennedy.

  • Dante
  • 2x Assault squad (PF and 2x Melta)
  • 2x Assault squad in Rhinos (PW and 2x Melta)
  • Sang Priest
  • Bike Squad with MM bike
  • 3x Vindicators

I don’t know what I was thinking…  Actually, I do…  the thought was that enough stuff could whether a first round of shooting, zoom forward 12″ and then start dropping pie plates FTW…  unfortunately, my expectations didn’t match reality…  I think the only real way to do this would be to give up on jumpy marines…  But I’ve always wanted an all jump pack army…  (shame about the Vampire bit…  “) and I will need to dump another $250 or so to get them kitted out….  So today I tried another variant of the hybrid thing….  And when my expectations met the cold brick wall of reality it didn’t take long to shatter them and leave me with a pile of suck…… 

To sum up….  After the first round, I knew I was beat… like tabled beat.  So I asked Kennedy if he wanted to pursue the ass kicking or call it.  In retrospect, I should have let him do his second round of shooting to give him the happy feeling of winning… but it was pretty clear that a stomping was on the way…  and I think we both knew it….   So I bought him a victory soda and thanked him for the lesson.  

One good practical lesson I got today was about not putting crap so close to vehicles…  I had to get out and squeeeezzzze guys to deploy…  and while I did it successfully, I felt kind of dumb….  So a good lesson was learned… 

In other news, I picked up a box of Eldar to start working out a paint scheme/theme for the army…  They will be my “slow build” army (Ie, a model every other week… so that would be like 2 Wave serpents/Fire Prisms/float-y things a month – so 4-5 months or so…  I’m leaning pretty heavily towards a DA Green with white….  Or a blue with white….  I’ll paint them up and decide which is cooler…  Right now I’m leaning towards blue though since I paint a ton of green currently.  While I’m not a huge fan of the space elves… my wife really digs them… and I do REALLY like their vehicles (except the old Fire Prism… that thing looks like ass….  But the new one is cool)

End of the month is bonus time at work… so depending on the size of the love, I should be putting in a sizable order of Forge World stuff soon…  That will see my Guard list get decent…  Yeah Hydras….  I’m thinking at least 4,,,,

So I’ll leave you with something cool…..


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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