Eldar Paint Scheme

So here’s the winner. The blue just didn’t do it for me.

Also, the wife brought home a new thing.  She got one of those 8x mirrors for doing your makeup and stuff.  Knowing that she married a geek, that was the first thing she wanted to show me… 

This guy is pretty dark…  the paint scheme is green and black.  (I tried red and black, but it looked awful)  I also tried a few different head colors… they all looked meh to me… so here’s what I ended up with…. but back to the story.  So I sat this guy in front of the mirror suddenly all the detail I couldn’t capture with the camera last night came right out… 

I also took a picture of the one of the Sanguinary Priest kitbashes I did….  Originally, I just couldn’t get any detail on the wings (also I thought I had done a good job on his face too….  but it didn’t come out very well….) So here’s his pic too…. and I’m pleased with the level of detail you can now see…


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