Painting Update


First up… My buddy Brian has the worst devastator squad in all of 40K. You would *think* they would hit something occasionally…. But they don’t. So to celebrate this, I made him a Dev Marine that would more accurately reflect his shooting.  


Thankfully, he took the joke in the spirit that it was intended and I’m pretty sure he thought it was cool….         


 Second up, the last bit of my Space Wolves Repaint is done. I should have all the vehicles done this week (since I already did the wash and the tracks) So it’s just the red bits…. Though I’m not looking forward to doing the headlamps… they’re never the most fun…. but I’ll do tonight.      


Finally, I have a close up of one of the Wolf Guard.  I’m not really happy with how the shading on his face came out… but it’s at the point where I’m afraid to do anything else to him for fear for screwing it up.   I am pretty happy with the wife’s “super make up mirror” for taking pics of my models….        


Pro Tip – for the wolf pelts and stuff, a base of white followed by a heavy wash of Badab Black really seems yield acceptable results.


About clt40k

This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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