Quick Hydra review…..

Ordered on Friday…. at my door on Monday….  I’m always impressed with Forgeworld’s delivery.  UK to NC in 2 days…. 

Now, on to the tanks….  To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with the Hydras….  The back piece and top don’t fit very well…. and you’re left with gaps that will be a real pain to fill…  Thankfully, since I’m painting them Catachan green, the dark color will hide some of the ugly…  and I’ll dirty it up a good deal…..  But for the money, I did have higher expectations.

The tank came with the old chimera chassis…  so the tracks were a pain to sort out.  I think GW has a real win with the new chimera….  but, I also like the “old school” look for my Hydras and Medusas….    Also, got a lot of unused bits that will eventually find a home from the chimera sprue.

NONE of the 8 hydra autocannons were straight.  So I had to boil water and soak them for 10-15 sec then hand straighten them… I was a bit nervous cause I hadn’t done that before….  but they came out alright.  The Boil your model trick was a lot easier than I anticipated. 

And the detail on the guns themselves was a bit shabby…  Not trying to bitch too much… but I expected a bit more awesome….  and instead it’s just good.  The detail just isn’t very crisp.  For example, the little skulls are a bit blurry…  Again, not terribly bad, but sort of a drag given the cost….  I’d call FW and complain, but honestly all 8 of them were the same… so I think it’s a general defect and not specific to my order…. 

The central turret thingy is nice.  The detail was really good (on par with the Ryza pattern turrets)  Also, if I’m ever attacked while playing a guard list, I can totally use this baseball sized piece of resin as an improvised projectile cause it’s heavy and will cause damage to an attacker.

The autocannon arms for the dreads fit well… except for the right ones, which will need to be drilled out a bit more…  I want to just fit them on cause I’ve yet to see a magnetized dread arm that I thought was really good.  I’ve seen OK, but not great.  But the casting and detail was good.  

The Vendetta conversion kits are nice…   It’s just a 2 TL lascannons, a TL LC that mounts near the cockpit and a scanner nose to replace the TL bolter…. 

IA 8 is cool…  I like the new Space Marine special character… He basically lets you take jump pack Marines as troops as long as you take a scout squad….  I will probably run a “casual” list with him — cause I’m about over the blood angels…

Not much of an update… I’ll have pics once I finish them up….


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