Please give thoughts on this 1500 Pt list (Wolves)

So a couple of folks up at the FLGS are looking to play more 1500 pt games (we normally play 2k) So I figured the list below would be fun and pretty well balanced…

The List

  • Rune Priest – Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane (110 pts)
  • 1x – 7 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Powerfist, Rhino – PMSB (195 pts)
  •  2x – 5 Grey Hunters – Razorback w/ TL Las (150 pts)
  • 3x – Rifleman Dread (125 pts) Fast 1x Landspeeder – Typhoon w/ Multi Melta (100 pts)
  • 3x Long Fang pack – 5 Missile Launcher (140 pts)

So, I know I’m going to be hurting a bit against AV 14 with only 2 melta and 2 lascannons to deal with the threat.. but if my opponent is running a big rock army, I can also dedicate 17 missiles to the problem in order to stun it immobile and then torrent whatever comes out…

  • The Rune priest will sit in the rhino and kick out psy defense and lots of str 7 shots.
  • I haven’t ran the MoTW before, so I’m hoping it will be ‘value added’
  • The rifleman dread are there because I just got 3 sets of arms from FW and I think it will be fun to shoot them at transports or Nids.
  • 7 Grey Hunter pack is for hitting things and keeping the Rune Priest company
  • The Razorbacks and troops are for objective sitting and fire support
  • Speeder is for suicide melta, long range meltas, objective grabs, and general speeder stuff.
  • Long Fangs are there cause I think they’re fluffy and fun…
  • The Rhino has a PMSB out of tradition – I got some turrets from FW for a chimera but the new kits made them redundant… so I put them on my rhinos like a poor man’s razorback…

Where I’m having some debate is around the second Grey Hunter Razorback squad. One will be on station with a TL Las to do long range support. The second may be needed for objective taking so I’m thinking about replacing the TL Las for something else… Prob Las/Plas…. but I think I have a ton of killy stuff in the list already so I’m thinking about running a TL Assault Cannon instead (also, I have that bit already) Thought process being that with 17 Missile Shots and 12 TL Autocannon shots every turn that can go at 9 diff targets I should not be hurting for firepower….

For you guys out there that play a lot of games at 1500…. do you see anything out there that I’ll really struggle with or see any huge issues (other than the lack of melta)?


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3 Responses to Please give thoughts on this 1500 Pt list (Wolves)

  1. kennedy says:

    There is one big issue I see here. You have 17 Troops models. Unless you are very careful with these, you’re going to be in trouble in objectives missions. If I were you, I’d try to get a third 5 man squad in here. The unfortunate thing is the only expendable slot you have is one of the long fang packs. You’d also have to drop 10 points somewhere (that might mean the PMSB). However, I think if you do that it’ll be a better list for 1500. The real test will always be throwing it down on a table.

  2. clt40k says:

    Yeah, good point… I’ll need to playtest it… Unfortunatly, I think troops are the lynch pin here… too many and you’re cutting out other good choices… too few and you’re in “target this first land”

    My current troop allocation is right at 495…. I could also drop the speeder and then just run 3x on the melta troops… Ie, beef up what I have instead of adding another…… Or run 4 razorbacks… but I’m also not trying to run razorback spam either….

  3. I’m not someone who enjoys playing 1500, but I think it may well be solid enough.

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