Codex Marines 2K

So I want to play a few games with just regular codex marines as a change of pace.  I’ve put together the following list and hope it will do OK.  I realize it’s not really an optimized list, but I tried to minimize the suck as much as possible and think I have the bare minimum for a viable Rock List at 2K…..  But I could be smoking the crack again…

  • Libby or Chaplain in Termie Armor
  • Term Assault Squad – Thunder hammer, Sgt with LC  – In a LR Redeemer with MM
  • Two basic tac squad with ML and Flamer in Razorbacks (TL las or las plas) 
  • Two Rifleman Dreads
  • Three Typhoons
  • Three Preds (Autocannon and Las sponsons)

The basic plan is to shoot the hell out of stuff while my Deathstar goes forward to hit things with hammers in the name of the God Emperor of Terra…  Regular Sun Tsu tactics right there….

My main concern is that 4 scoring units won’t be enough (tacs will combat squad)  Or that they will be too easily shot away….  But I’m reluctant to add another cause it would really gimp my firepower output…  Right now I feel like I’m running the bare minimum since taking the deathstar is costing me two lasbacks and two missile shots…  But I *think* I have enough…  Any thoughts on this?

My goal for tomorrow’s game is going to be to set up some corner shots and keep playing with blocking by speeder…  Had a good time with that last week, but I need more practice.

Also been working on a Codex 1.5 list….  I actually think this might be viable though and would love feedback.

  • 1 Space Marine Librarian @ 100 pts (Machine Curse; The Avenger)
  • 2x 10 Marine Tac Squad in Razorback – 245 – Squad takes ML and Flamer – Razorback with TL Las or Las/plas – (combat squad)
  • 2 Rifleman Dreads – 125 each (2x TL autocannon
  • 2 Preds – 120 each (Autocannon and TL las sponsons)
  • 2 Landspeeder Typhoons (w/ ML and Multi Melta) – 100 Points each
  • 9 Man assault squad w/o jump packs + flamer (217 points)… get free rhino upgrade (ie, the LibbyWagon) With the extra points I gave the Sgt Twin Lightning claws for fun…

Total Roster Cost: 1497

Pic above is from one of the rescued Black Templars who were inducted into the Generi Marines….  I decided a while back that it was a good idea to only buy one set of tanks… so I gave everybody a variation on Catachan Green in their color scheme…  Maybe I’ll write some fluff for them one day….  But maybe I’ll just paint them instead…. Tomorrow I’ll be playing with the primered horde (which I hate – but I’m burnt out enough on Wolves to deal with it)


3 thoughts on “Codex Marines 2K

  1. Vanilla Assault Squads are teh suck. 😦

    The 2k list should be okay, but no more than that.

    Also, Machine Curse is TERRIBLE. Null Zone/Vortex of Doom FTW, though the latter relies on being Relentless…

  2. Yeah, no special weapons does suck… I was trying to build in a ride for the Libby… and the Tac squad only gets stuff at 10 models thing just sucked… and I had free spot in the FA slot…

    2K list did alright last night… I think it will be my “friendly game” list.

    Thanks for the tip on the Machine Curse… At a glance though, it don’t look all that bad… especially since I find myself looking to stun an opponent’s vehicle pretty often (Ie, shoot it till you glance it, then ignore the vindicator for another round) – so why does it suck… is it opportunity cost for taking something else or am I not reading the entry right?

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