Pickett’s Charge with Terminators

“Up, men and to your posts!  Don’t forget  today that you are from Old Virginia.” – General Pickett right before getting dishragged.

So yesterday I took the Best Little One Rock Army in the Carolina’s down to the shop and ended up with a 2K game against Nids.  Clark runs a pretty good list, Hive Guard (they’re the shooty ones right?) and T-Fexes…. 3 objectives and pitched battle for deployment…

So he goes first and does the whole central deployment with the cornering T-Fexes hiding behind buildings.  I picked my corner and put up the wall of tanks…  He goes first and his first round of shooting does nadda.

So here’s where my tactical genius just completely fell apart.  I pushed my LR forward with the thought that it would sit on an objective and be immobile and awesome…  But then I realized his troops could pretty easily surround me and started to worry about the boys dying inside their transport… so I got them out and charged something.  Very similar to the famous charge at Gettysburg, I ended up running right into the enemy and getting slaughtered on his next turn.  The TH/SS didn’t even get a chance to swing in the second assault…. and I never got to close with anything valuable.  So it was a waste of 300+ points…   DUH why didn’t I see that coming?  Wishful thinking I guess.

So I looked at my opponent on turn 3 and said “I think you got me” – but he wanted to continue.  So as the game progressed, I just put fire on his Hive Guard and looked to hold my objective.  He took shots at my speeders and dropped all but one.  So late in Turn 4, I moved my speeder up to Contest one objective.  Moving flat helped.  His two T-Fexes hit it 4 times and I made 3 cover saves and lost a melta.  Woot.  Then the Tervagon couldn’t hit in CC.  On my Turn 5, I moved the speeder to cover objective #3 (ensuring the tie) then rolled a turretless razorback 12″ onto Objective #2 (tank shocking the Tervagon off the objective and taking the win)  So unlike Lee at Gettysburg, I was able to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat.  Though, had the game gone another round, I would have lost pretty handily.

So there were a few tactical lessons learned for me:

  • Don’t expect your uber unit to do more than is realistic.  There was NO WAY they would be able to hold an objective for 4 turns.  So my thinking was just flat out stupid…  I should have used the LR to block LOS to my tanks and kept them as a linebacker unit for anything that got too close.
  • Lots of Dakka will save you. 
  • Play the objectives.  I got a bit demoralized seeing my stuff slowly getting broken.  But at no point was I out of the game… It just felt like it.
  • Get rid of the chaplain and put a Libby in the HQ slot. 

Fun game…  bit more of a learning experiance though

Pickett’s Charge


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