Advice article on YTTH

Gosh, I feel all tingly inside…  I wrote an article on Codex Marine list building and sent it to YTTH that got put up on the site (and not bashed… which tells me I’m on the right track conceptually)  In all honesty… Stelek’s blog has some outstanding advice.  I think some folks are put off by the language and lack of sensitivity for their feelings… but they kind of need to man up…  Even the bad lists get help… the submitter may not get a pat on the head for their effort… but the advice is sound and I know I’ve gotten a ton out of it…   (It’s amazing how much I use the word “fail” nowadays – even at work…)  Check it out… some wanker from the “Old Country” thought that it only works on “desert boards” but he can get bent…  If anything that just makes it more effective…

So if you’re interested it’s HERE  – also, click on the Pic above to see my YTTH razorback… Yeah it’s a little ‘fanboy’ but the site has really helped me…  so it’s only right to give some credit.


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