Quick Batrep – Codex vs Vulcan (1500)

OK, so Saturday I got a game in with my Codex 1500 list. Here’s what I’m running….

  • Libby
  • 2x Full Tac squads (ML/Flamer) in Razorbackwith TL Las
  • 2x Dreadnought w/ 2x TL Autocannons
  • 3x Landspeeder Typhoons
  • 3x Autocannon/Las Predators


My buddy Terry took….

  • Vulcan
  • 3 Full Tac Squads
  • TH/SS Termie Squad in a Redeemer
  • Ven Dread with MM/CCW

We set up the table with good LOS blocking stuff smack dab in the center…

Mission – annihilation

Setup – Table Quarters

I pretty much castled up in the back of my table quarter around a ruined building. The two missile launcher squads set up in the building and the tanks and dreads were deployed in an L around the back edge. I figured I had much better range, so he’d have to deploy as far forward as he could. Terry deployed as far forward as he could.

  • Turn I -I moved the speeders up in order to take two melta shots at his LR (both hit, taking his MM and his Assault Cannon), his dread loses an arm, 2 rhinos are immobile, one destroyed. My speeders get melta’d 😦
  • Turn II – His LR eats it from a TL Las. Termies come out and start heading towards my lines through cover. They make every save
  • Turn III – Their luck expires and he has no more termies.
  • Turns IV – VI – Mopping up.. he wanted to keep going… so I shot his marines a lot. Game ends with handful of tac Marines about 20″ away from my lines.

So, in my opponent’s defense, he had cover pretty much all game. He did a really good job keeping his stuff protected…. He just didn’t have enough of a counter threat once the LR and VenDread were down.


3 thoughts on “Quick Batrep – Codex vs Vulcan (1500)

  1. It was fun becauae I like the guy I played… not because we had a good game… it was just too one sided… I had too much shooty and he did not.

  2. But thats how it goes about one sidededness. I’m always getting crap about never being competative during turney’s, but screw that i wanna learn all armies and most tactics so one year i’ll win every turney and wipe all the smug smiles off thery’re stupid little men.

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