I hate Nids….

So last night, I played a 2v1 game vs. Nids.  I really don’t like that army…

So, here’s how it went down…  It was kill points and pitched battle, we were going second.

I had to throw a list together based off of what I had… so I took a MoTF with Conversion Beamer, 2×5 Scout Snipers with ML and Camo cloaks, 2 Rifleman Dreads, a Typhoon and 3 Vindis.  My partner took 2 TL Las razorbacks, 2x Preds, 2×10 tac squads and a Libby.

The Nids list was something like – 2 Tyranofexes, 6 Hive guard (the str8 shooty) 2x tervigons, 2x Hive Tyrants, and some little bugs… 

So overall Nids are a pain in the ass…  I really don’t enjoy playing them cause 1.  Hive guard suck… I hate the no LOS and no cover saves… and 2.  They are all so very hard to kill…  But I do believe I can have a fun game against them… I just didn’t  

I also got kind of annoyed cause I asked him at the beginning of the game… “Hey man, I never really know what the hell your bugs do… can any of your little guys hurt a tank?”  The answer, “Not really, it’s no different than the last time we played… They only get a boost if they’re within x” of the tervigon”  So I was a little pissed when a vindicator got hit by 30+ attacks from a str 4 swarm of bugs.. (oh, and these were the exception… cause they had talons or something… opps…)  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but they were in range of the vindis last turn… so do you think that would have impacted my target priority….  Just felt like a dick move…  Now at the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to know what does what and to plan for it… but I kind of felt like he evaded the question in order to pull one over on me…  just didn’t sit right. 

Then had an instance, where he picks up a separate set of dice “cause they always roll low for me”  —  Personally, I think that’s bullshit to do.  If  they were the chessex dice and the same size but a different color, then OK – no worries… but the dice he’s talking about are our club dice, 16mm and have a habit of rolling low…  Hmmmm…..  Also, did the re-rolling misses by just picking the dice up and dropping it…  ie, not really rolling it.

Then, had to explain multiple times that immobile, and weaponless was still not a KP… 

End of the night, we won…   But I can’t say I really had a good time with the game.


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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