Thoughts around IG List building – and quick batrep

So here’s the list I ran last night….Company Command Squad in Chimera w/ Autocannon team

  • Company Command Squad in Chimera w/ Autocannon team
  • Vet Squad with Autocannon in Chimera
  • Vendetta
  • Vendetta
  • 3x Sentinels w/ Autocannon
  • 2x Hydra
  • 2x Medusa
  • 2x Leman Russ w/ Battle Cannon
  • 3x Melta Vets Squad in Chimera
  • So here was the basic theory around the design of the list. I think that if you’re playing a shooty army in 5th, you need to have at least 9 long range threats on the board, or you risk being overshot. I feel pretty good about they theory for Space Marines… but I’m a novice when it comes to the Guard and how the army works. So part of the list is to see if that theory holds true for IG as well.  So in my guard list I wanted to have at least 9 real threats that shot 36″ or more…

    So I knew I’d max out my Heavy slots…. I kind of wanted to take 3 hydras, but I figured that would be overkill – so I left it at two. The two medusa’s were chosen for their ability to bust armor or MeQs – I figured there 36″ range would be enough to reach out and touch someone as long as I have them centrally deployed. The Leman Russ squadron is there to bust light vehicles and MeQs and the stupid long-range on the cannon allows me to drop them in a corner and just be fire support all day (str 8 vs Side armor is a real threat when I get to roll 2d6 and take the highest for armor pen)… Another thought was that I could have dropped them in order to add two more hydras… but I kind of like them and their big templates are scary to marines – so I guess you’d say they were there for dual role and “synergy” purposes)

    For the Fast slots, I chose the Vendettas because I needed some reliable armor busters (think A-10 Thunderbolt) The Sentinals are there because I don’t have a 3rd Vendetta. I think that in future iterations of the list I will add in the 3rd Vendetta and reclaim 50 points for an Officer of the Fleet and something else… like to allow me to put a PF on my commander (so I can use the cool forgeworld one I painted )

    So at this point, I’ve filled up two FoCs and only have 6 real threats on the board every turn…. Elites don’t have any real good choices for me… so I needed to get three more via my troops and HQ slots. I thought about doing a platoon, and probably will at some point, but I also want a list I can paint in a timely fashion… Also, unless I can get the “bring it down” command off, I think they’d really suffer for that one less BS point. So instead I decided to go with two CCS w/ Autocannon in a Chimera to be firesupport (cause they’re cheaper 115) and one Vet squad with a Autocannon – that brings the firepower up to 9 things that have a significant ranged threat every turn…  For rest of the points, I really only had the Troops FoC left so, I decided to go with meltavets in order to have them act as linebackers for anything that got too close.

    So last night I got the chance to put them on the board against my buddy Brian, we were playing the autotie mission (1 obj each) and Dawn of War. I went first. The table was set up with the center pretty well blocked out. Brian is running the standard Rock army with TH/SS termies in a LR, 2 Razorbacks w/ Full tac squads, Libby, 2 Autolas preds, Vindi, 2 speeders, a MM/HF PodDread and a TLL/ML dread. End result was a tie (though I had him pretty well beat with KP, he took 2 from me and I took more from him) The board set up was your standard 25% with LOS pretty well jacked up in the middle of the table (big solid building)

    I made a ton of tactical errors…

    I deployed like a dummy. I set my objective in a corner and then surrounded it with the 3 Autocannon Chimeras w/ Hydra’s on the end and Medusa’s in the middle. Then had the Russes hanging out on the other corner. End result was that he just deployed in the other corner and kept those 4 units from doing much useful (though they did shred his termies) – I was hesitant to move try to refuse flank him due to his preds being really annoying and in range vs my av 12 vehicles. So I took pop shots at them all game (they were 46″ away)… Also, I couldn’t really move them much cause he was sending his termies that way… so he had me overloaded on one side of the table and I couldn’t really react cause I knew I’d have to deal with his termies. But had I done a more central deployment, I would’ve had much better tactical flexability…

    Also, Instead of keeping my Vendettas in reserve or something smart, I turbo’ed them 1st turn and got punished for it when 1 got spotlighted and crashed…. (Doh… Remember it’s Dawn of War FTW)

    Couple of highlights.

    • Melta vets meltavetting his Vindicator… and it had just got into range too…
    • Vendetta dropping the Land Raider
    • Autocannon love for the Termies
    • Melta Vets kill the remaining Terminator Sgt with TH/SS in close combat… guess he should have worn his helmet.
    •  Medusa dropping “the big one” on his libby squad – need to make a nuke marker 
    •  Multilasers vs. Speeder – sucks to get penned by a flashlight huh?
    •  More meltavets meltavetting a Dread from 11″ 

    Even more meltavetting vs the speeder setting up for a turn 5-6 objective contest…

    So the vets did a great job as linebackers… anything that got too close and threatening was pretty much dealt with. I was happy with the autocannon torrent of fire. The medusa was OK, but not stellar. And I really dug the Leman Russesses who dropped stuff all game cause Brain was afraid to waste valuable las shots vs their front armor.

    Also, I have a new theme song for my Guard… see it below…


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