The weekend’s games – IG and Tau

This weekend I went up to Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne (Local comicbook and games shop) to get a couple of games in. The week has been pretty good for gaming. I got to play Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I hadn’t been up to PBKW for games before. I showed up and got a 1000 point game in with a guard player. It was KP and Pitched Battle. I won, but at that points level the games feel a little silly. He was trying to get a list together for a 1K tourney where you show up and they put you with someone. His list wasn’t bad, but I think for IG you could make a much more nasty list. He focused on having 3 units of meltavets and Ogryns. I took Space Wolves with 3 full units of ML longfangs, Dakka Dreads, and a couple of razorbacks… We both had awful luck with the rolling. After the game, I gave some thoughts about his list (lose the Ogryns and Hydras FTW) 

Then I got a 1500 game in vs Tau. Autotie + Dawn of War. He was taking: 1 Broadside, 2 Railheads, 1 Pirana, Pathfinders w/ Devilfish, 1 squad of FW, 2 Kroot blobs, and 3 units of suits. I took my stock Codex list… He had poor luck with the dice, and didn’t have enough shooty to make up for the bad rolls. Also, I was able to put a ton of firepower on his suits and they were all but gone by Turn 3. After that, I moved up to get into range of his broadside/Railheads and knocked the gun off the railhead turn 4. We called it since on Turn 5, I would have full possession of both objectives and he would have nothing that could contest and didn’t have the firepower to knock me off either objective. I feel I played a pretty good game, but I could have been more aggro with the Preds (I should have moved them to ensure refused flank) and I think I should have deep struck my Speeders (ie, sacrifice them for a railhead or something) But all in all, it was a fun game. 

In other news, I’ll be getting some new terrain this week. I’ll post pics when it’s in. 

In other other news, I think I’ve found another Guard Victory Song….  



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