Test list vs Horde Orks…

Last night I got a game in vs horde Orks.  The intent was to be a test of my Stock 2000 list.  That list looks like

  • Libby
  • 3 x Rifleman Dreads
  • 3 x Auto Las Preds
  • 3 x Typhoons w/ Multimelta
  • 2 x Full Squads in TL Las Razorback
  • 2 x 5 man squads in TL Las Razorbacks

My opponent was running a Warboss on bike with a couple of friends, 4 units of shoota boys, 3 full squads of Lootas and a Big Mek with KFF, Zagstruk and a bunch of Stormboyz.  The game itself was spearhead with 5 objectives.

The end result of the game was that I feel like my list can hang vs horde…  It’s just a bit tough cause all of my TL Las is crap.. but I still think it’s doable.  Kill the Lootas then focus fire on the closest threat.  So I think the concept is sound and workable.  Also, this is the only list I run that gives me any concern.  My Spacewolf list is not impressed by a bunch of orks… Long Fang missiles and better CC, the 3 vindi list would also not be worried about Orks… and they had nothing to stop a Rock army… but I wasn’t sure about the stock list.

Now as to the actual game itself… I had some HORRIBLE luck.  It actually took two rounds of shooting to stop the warboss and I put everything on him both turns.  His lootas passed 7 leadership checks and failed only one (at Ld 7 too…) of the two rockets in each of the shoota boy squads, at least one would always hit, and it pretty much always penned…. and those were 5-6s…   And the immobilized Razorback (from a glance) kept me from contesting an objective late game by blocking me in. 

But that’s the way it happens.  The really good news is that I could face a couple of large loota squads and hang enough wounds to cause Ld checks… consistently…


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