From Zero to Hero – New Terrain

So the other day at the FLGS I found a really cool product line of pre-painted terrain – Battlefield in a Box from Gale Foce 9  In just one hit to my wallet, I don’t have to worry about having crappy terrain to play with.  Here’s what my “gaming table” looked like last week.

Not real impressive huh?  This was a “heroic attempt” to simulate terrain to help a friend get ready for the NOVA open.  As I understand it, it was mocked by all who saw the pics…..  (the books were to simulate area terrain and the mugs were a beer factory… clever huh?)

Here’s what I bought…

  • 2 x Gothic Corner Ruin – just the single three story building
  • 2 x Tank Traps – comes with 4 sets of traps
  • 2 x Gothic ruined Wall – 2 corners, a long-ish piece, and two smaller ones.
  • 4 x Large Rocky Hill – just one hill..

Here’s what it looks like now… 


Personally, I think it’s much better….  There is still some work to be done though… I want to pick up a new felt gaming mat… I’ve got some sort of model train stuff on there now and it really doesn’t work very well.  Also, I need to flock the rocks and tank traps.  But the good news is that is all I need to do.  The entire thing comes pre-painted. 

Here are some details.

The outside detail of the Gothic Ruined Corner – this is a really big piece… 

Here’s some detail from the wall sections… You get 5 wall pieces in each box.

Some detail around the tank traps… You get 4 of the area pieces in each box…

Got most of the terrain for 20% off from The War Store – It shipped right away except for the two tall buildings… they were out of stock…  All the pieces are extremely well packaged… no rattling around.   The pieces are all very solid.  (I’m not going to drop test them, but I think they can take it… everything is extremely well made).  The rocks are good, but not indestructible… one had a bit of crumbling around the very edge… but once it’s been glued and flocked it will be just fine.  That’s the only piece that doesn’t look like it can take a beating… Given that the GW hill is completely unpainted and about the same price..  I think it’s worth it… 


  • Cheap – the most expensive item was the Ruined corner piece ($25 USD)
  • Buildings are really well made
  • Paint job is good. 


  • Limited product range – I’ve got all the pieces except for the stands of trees they sell…

So if you’re in the market for terrain and can’t be bothered to make it yourself, this is a really good alternative.  The quality out of the box matches the pics you see on their website.


2 thoughts on “From Zero to Hero – New Terrain

  1. Yeah, I kind of went overboard… but I planned to spend X ammt on terrain anyway…. and I think I got more “bang for the buck” by going this route… and I don’t have to hassle with painting the stuff…

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