WFB Update – Lizardmen

So last night I sat down with the wife and we went through the new WFB book looking at pictures.  I have some Brettonians, but I don’t feel any sort of special connection to them.  On one hand I was leaning towards the Empire cause I really like the landsknecht theme.  But I wasn’t sold on them.  I also liked the look of the Skaven… and the Lizardmen.  So I asked for the opinion of my spouse.  Her response… “you have too many dark and depressing models, you should paint something cute… like the lizardmen” — and we both agreed that the Stegadon rocks like a fox in socks…   Also, we both thought the Aztec-Mayan thing was really cool too.

So today I picked up the Army Book, a Battalion, a Stegadon, a Lord on foot, 2 Salamander hunting packs, and a skink priest.  I looked over Stelek’s 2K list and I really like the idea of running a lot of big dinosaurs down my opponent’s throat… 


One thought on “WFB Update – Lizardmen

  1. Nice! I too have recently picked up a bunch of coldbloods. I have 4 Stegs too, although I doin’t think i’ll be able to use them all… I’ll be getting to these bad boys after my Tomb Kings are done. Look forward to seeing what you do with them!

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