First Game of WFB – Lizardmen FTW

So tonight I played my first game of WFB.  Needless to say, it was sort of a mess.  Neither one of us actually knew the rules.  A buddy was at the shop though who had played 7th ed and was further along in reading the 8th ed rules… so that was a relief, but we spent a lot of time looking up rules.

First impression though is overwhelmingly positive.  It actually seems like a pretty simple game – But I’m completely unfamiliar with the rules…  especially the shooting/range thing… but still a boatload of fun. 

So we played 1400 points, though I have to wear the “fail hat” cause I played most of the game down on points and down a Skink Priest.  Points wise I was at 1370.  though in all actuality, it was more like 1270 vs 1400 with the forgotten priest.

For my list I had put a list out on Lustria and on Heresy, but I don’t really feel like I got much advice so I re-wrote it.  It seems like the internets are looking for gimmicks at this point – ie, how to build the Uber Unit —  My gut tells me that Deathstars have to be as bad in WFB as they are in 40K.  So instead of trying to run the super Temple Guard of Doom list, or running Stegadons – for the low points game I would instead just try to fit as much “goodness” into the list as I could.  So similar to my thoughts on Marine lists for 40K I tried to focus on what Lizardmen do best… which seems like 1.  Magic and 2.  Poison blowguns. 3. Salamanders… so I focused on those.

So here’s the list I ran

  • Slann Mage Priest – Focus of Mystery (Loremaster) + Higher State of Consciousness (immune to non magical attacks) + Lore of Life
  • 2 Lvl 2 Skink Priests
  • 20 Saurus Warriors
  • 19 Saurus Warriors
  • 2 Salamanders
  • 10 Skink Skirmishers
  • 2 x 5 Chameleon Skinks

My opponent was running Empire with 2 cannons, Greatswords, 2 blocks of State Troops, Empire Knights, and Handgunners.

We may have had a bit too much terrain on the board.  I had set up the terrain without knowing about the WFB rules for terrain.  It did look pretty though.  But may have been a bit much.

So turn 1, my Chameleons scout in and destroy a gun.  not much else happens.  Turn 2 he kills some Saurus with his remaining Cannon.  His Greatswords attempt to charge a unit of Chameleons and they flee… Next turn I hit him with Dwellers and templates from the Salamanders.  Following turn he assaulted some Salamanders that I had thrown in the way and ended up consolidating into combat with the Saurus (who got the 2+ buff for their Toughness)  After that, I flank assaulted that unit with my Salamanders, he fled and got away.  But kept running the rest of the game.  I tied combat with his Calvary next turn by giving that block of Saurus the +2 buff.  Then I remembered that I was playing with only one Skink Priest… so we just agreed to place him next to the Slann.  He cast chain lightning that hurt two units of handgunners and his cannon exploded.  At that point, I was pretty much killing his guys 7-1 so we just called it.  which makes sense cause I pretty much wiped out another unit with Dwellers.

So, I won’t take the outcome of this too seriously… Especially since God only knows how many rules I got wrong.  But I think I’m on the right track for army building even if I can do more to streamline my list…  Overall though, it was a good time.  What made it especially sweet was that my opponent started off with that good-natured banter about how he was going to embarrass me with his Empire of Awesomeness and Cannons of DOOOOMMMMM….  hehe… how’d that work…


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