Lizardmen – role of magic in your army

So in getting into WFB, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Magic phase. Every lore has some sort of “nuke” spell… Example, the Lore of Life (Dwellers) = Everybody takes a Str test or dies. So it’s pretty clear that you will need to have some sort of magical defense (the consequences are going to be horrible if you don’t.. as evidenced by my first game… my opponent had NONE so he couldn’t stop me from buffing the hell out of my Saurus and then casting Dwellers on his blocks) – if you’re just using the dispel pool dice, then you can either stop me from enhancing troops or nuking you but probably not both… So it feels like you gotta have something that can get rid of spells… or you’re doomed.

So here’s my issue… Right now my Slann is tooled up to about 400 points. He has the “Immune to physical attacks” discipline, and the “gets and power die per spell” discipline. Then I add in the Plaque of Tepok to get an extra spell and the 2+ vs ranged attacks thingy… So unless you assault him, he’s pretty close to being invulnerable and he knows 5 spells… But I’ve got a TONNE of points sunk into this one guy… Granted he’s probably the best mage in the game… but he’s EXPENSIVE. I’ve been focusing on the Lore of Life, and the throne of vines makes him Miscast proof… and the buffs he can give make the other elements of the list really nasty…

But is that the right way to approach things with the Lizards?

If I weren’t going to run him, then I would probably take Skink Priests with dispel scrolls… so call it 200 points recovered in opportunity cost… So when I look at what I would recover by dropping the Slann, it’s essentially another big block of troops or 3 salamanders or something… very useful… but it begs the question how effective is my army without it?

<So end of the day….   I'm thinking it makes sense to base my army list off of having a very strong caster. It feels a bit wrong though cause he's effectively the linchpin of my army and I'm used to 40K where you don't build linchpin lists,,, Or, perhaps, the Lizards are like Marine Biker lists where you only really get viable at a certain points level? In small games, I could see him as being WAAYY overpriced… at which point it's a CC character + Skink Priest to dispel. But at 1500+ it just seems necessary to build your list around him.





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One Response to Lizardmen – role of magic in your army

  1. Baneon says:

    I normally see the Slaan in a TG unit making them stubborn. Also instead of Ethereal they give him the know all spells and no plaque. Cuped Hands for the ability to pass a miscast to an opponents wizard is really good even with Throne of Vines, it’s another offensive measure you can use in your favor.

    Try this trick as well, you’ll like it. Give the Slaan the Bane Head, pick out the enemies main caster and grab a Feedback scroll 🙂

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