Painting Update – Lizardmen

Starting off… a group of shot of the based Saurus Warriors…  I wasn’t really sure about their basecoat of Royal blue body and Hawk Turquoise for the scales… until I had washed them with Delvin mud and hit them with the dry brush (Ice Blue)  Also, initially I had used Vallejo brass for their shiny bits, but then I went back over that with Shining Gold and really like the outcome… it gives it a nice weathered look IMO.  For the bone bits (except mouth) I’m using a further wash of Gryphonne Sepia.

Here they are in profile – since Paul was kind enough to leave a comment, I’m certainly happy to oblige.  For the shields, I started with a base of Dark Angels green, then washed them with Delvin Mud… then hit them with Blood Red.

A comparison between the Saurus and the Skinks – I want the army to have some continuity… but at the same time, I don’t want them to be monochrome.  Both will share the Ice blue.. and the Hawk Turquoise.  I’m pretty happy with them side by side.

Here’s a test model for the paint scheme for the Chameleon Skinks.  I used the Knarloc Green foundation paint for the body.  Washed in Delvin Mud.  Highlighted in white.  Then did the scales in ivory washed with Gryphonne Sepia.  (BTW – cut me some slack with this guy… he’s now had 4 separate paint jobs since he was my test dummy… but I now need 21 Chameleon Skinks for my 1500 list so he needed to get added to the rest of the guys for tomorrow) 

Here’s a couple of shots of Kermit – I’m using Gretchen Green as the base.  Followed by a wash of Gryphonne Sepia.  The white Warty bits are bleached bone.  Also, for the eyes I’m using a Vallejo Jade Green… I don’t think I’m going to put a pupil in it though – more like he’s in a trance… or if I do, I think a white spot then go over it again with the Jade Green would make it look milky and hazy like he was blind or something…


Finally here’s a WIP on the throne…  Cool thing.. if you put Delvin Mud over Fortress grey it gives the space sort of a marble like appearance… 


One thought on “Painting Update – Lizardmen

  1. Yes!!! These are looking ‘the business’. I’m loving the Lizardman Conga Line, and and glad we get to see the work you’ve put into them now. It’s really got me wanting to paint some of mine up too now… dangit! I’d definitely stick with the variations between the different species. The different shades of blue unify them, but its nice to see the individualities. Good job!

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