Quick Batrep – Lizardmen vs Empire

Quick Batrep cause it only went two turns….

Here’s what I took (2K)

  • Slann Mage Priest – Cupped Hands, Focused Rumination, Becalming Cognition, Focus of Mystery – Lore of Death
  • Sitting in a unit of 10 Temple Guard (Musician and Standard Bearer)
  • 20 Temple Guard – (Musician and Standard Bearer)
  • 2 x 18 Saurus Warriors – (Musician and Standard Bearer)
  • 3 units of Chameleon Skinks (9x9x8)
  • 2 x 10 Skink Skirmishers
  • 2 Salamanders with 7 Skink Handlers

My opponent was running Empire with a cannon, mortar, and the rocket thingy… A big unit of greatswords, a big unit of Knights, pistols, long rifles, fanatics and spearmen… with a Wizzard! (Lore of Life)

Before the game, since we’re both new, I told him about Purple Sun and how I was planning on nuking something and multiple somethings if the opportunity presented itself. There was a lot of terrain on the field (we rolled for it) and I tried to spread my deployment… he bunched up.

Turn 1. Winds of Magic give me 5 dice, becalming cognition blocks a spell and I dispel one. He attempted to charge a unit of skinks, but fails. In the movement phase he starts moving his Cavalry into a flanking position… but I figure I’ve got two turns to deal with it. His Long Rifles kill a single Chameleon in cover… He moves a cannon, the mortar misses and the rocket thingy misfires and blows up. My turn, I got 6 powerdice for winds (meh).. so I cast Purple sun since he bunched up a unit of pistol horsemen and the 2 blocks of spearmen with his general and Wizzard… Casualties are horrendous. Two units flee. Most lose 1/2 of their strength. I had rolled all dice so I got the big template… I was trying to Irresistible force it so I could nuke his wizard early… but I didn’t… unfortunately, he didn’t have enough dice to stop me. In movement, I pushed up the skinks, moved a unit of Saurus to cover the flank. The chameleons killed some dudes… especially the fanatics… The skirmishers got to put 40 shots into the spearmen… reducing it by a good deal… No assaults.

Turn 2. I gimp his wizard and Purple Sun fizzes. He charges a unit of Chameleons.. who die 😦 but his consolidation takes him into my salamanders. His cannon kills 4 Saurus and his mortar blows itself up. Rifles miss. At this point, it’s my turn and I put a flank charge onto his spearmen with a unit of Temple guard. I cast Purple sun on his big unit of knights (2 live) and he concedes….

So the lesson learned here… Don’t clump up when Purple Sun might come out. My assaults are looking like a 1-2-3 combo.. He assaults, I lose, and that takes him into a tar pit unit… then I hit the flank with something else in my turn (so I get to put overwhelming force onto his unit) Also, while skink shooting isn’t the be all end all of shooting… It does make a difference when you’re putting 40+ shots that autowound on 6’s

In other news, I picked up Isle of Blood… By Christmas, I should have the Lizzies painted… so it’ll be time for Skaven… Put some together last night… the detail is really good. Also, my buddy Brian wants to do High Elves, so I’ll probably trade my HE for his Skaven.


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