Weekend Update – Slann Finished

Went to the FLGS on Saturday…  Didn’t actually get a game in, but I did let our resident Ork player use my Marines to run a Lysander based list…  He played against a good list and pretty much tabled it on turn 5.  I believe the guy playing razorspam made some serious tactical errors in deployment… but whatever.  Had fun….  though it was hard to watch the game AND keep my mouth shut… lol….

Finished up my Slann Mage tonight…  Here’s a couple of pics…..

Initially, I didn’t paint the round bits on his face….  but when I called the wife over, she said it looked all wrong and I needed to paint his ears….  I was like WTF, frogs don’t have ears….  So, here’s the education bit for the weekend… Frogs do, indeed have ears and they look just like the ones in the picture….  Who knew? (other than the frogs of course)  So I had to go back and do a little more work. 

At any rate, here’s another picture from the side…  I was pretty happy with how the little skink came out…  I dig the red with yellow splotched fans… 

I also got cracking on the rest of the first lounge of lizards (did you know they were called a lounge?  I didn’t till the internet told me… how did we ever get along…)  Lots to do, but I’m gonna try to have the 15 done by Thursday…  Or at least mostly done…  I’m hoping painting these guys in big blocks isn’t a complete pain in the backside (I normally paint the Marines in groups of 5) but there are just so damn many of them… I think I’ll save more time if I production line it…  so if it normally takes me 2 days to do 5…. If I can do 15 in three, then it will prove the theory…. if not, then it will just have to take longer.  You can see I have the “paint to this standard” model behind them… so they need to look at least that good.

Also got the Skaven from the Isle of Blood box assembled…  I didn’t like th lead rat, so I did some conversion work on him… Once I get him painted I’ll post him up for comments.  On a disturbing note… I have not seen a mouse anywhere near our house in ages… we have a snake that lives in the crawlspace and she eats any that are around, and we have 4 dogs and 3 cats.. so Lizards and any other of natures things that have legs have some sort of deathwish if they come round here….  So this morning, after finishing up on the Skaven around 4 last night… the wife shreaks at me to come “deal with this” — apparently somebody had caught a mouse and left it on the dog bed…  They must of thought I was collecting….  So the wife, who is NOT squeamish btw, has me dispose of it…  This is odd because I AM squeemish…. I hates me the yucky things…  Now, the disturbing part is that as I was using junk mail to scoop him in a bag, I took a moment to look at how he transitioned from paws to little furry legs….  So thank you Warhammer for helping me overcome my inner sissy for the greater good.


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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2 Responses to Weekend Update – Slann Finished

  1. kuffy says:

    That looks great dude. I did not know that about the frog’s ears.

  2. Alex says:

    Those are ears? I thought they were air sacs or something (that’s what GW called ’em in a WD painting tutorial when the model cameo out in ’03).

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