More chameleons done…

More chameleons done…  Been just a little busy recently… and haven’t been painting as much… but here’s the most recent I’ve done…  Should have some BA Jumpers done tomorrow….


4 thoughts on “More chameleons done…

  1. Dude… thought you died or something 😉 Glad you’re posting again. I like the skinks. I’m looking forward to having some fantasy dudes to try and kill ’em with, lol. Maybe I’ll be able to give you a game where you don’t curb stomp me turn 2.

  2. Looking sweet! the orange and yellow really compliments the green skin! were you not a fan of the chameleon skinks minis?

    What are you using on your bases??

  3. @ Kennedy – LoL – though the game is getting a little easier as I get more experiance with WFB…. For the curb stomping – I blame my opponents taking bad lists or making bad tactical errors — I don’t feel anywhere near the same comfort level I have in 40K in WFB… Brian and I had a good game the other night… but he conceeded cause I was well on the way to trashing him…. Chameleon’s FTW….

    @ Paul – thanks! I like the minis, its just I need about 20 of them and at $5 a pop it seemed more cost effective to buy a box of skinks and paint them green… The bases are model RR ballast and GW Green grass stuff… Completely unpainted… but I think it looks good.

  4. It does look good! it looks all spongy and marshy. I’m going to have to go get some myself. Good call on the minis though, I have an excess of Skinks, I may well do the same. Hurrah for saving some cash!

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