Thinking about going Old School for this week’s games….

My very first experience with Warhammer 40K was the Black Templars.  Since that first army, I’ve built Space Wolves, Codex, IG, Tau and WFB Lizardmen… but I still have  a warm place in my heart for the Templars.  You can keep your stupid Imperial Fists.  And the slavish adherence to doctrine that you find with the Ultramarines holds no imagination for me.  But very little con compare to the righteous fury that you get from the Templar.

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine
Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

So, I’m thinking about running the following list for this week’s games….

‘Old School’ Black Tempars – 2K

  • Emperor’s Champion – Accept any Challenge
  • 6 man Crusader Squad in a Rhino with PMSB (Melta, Frag, PW)
  • 3 x Lascannon Dreads
  • 3 x Auto Las Predators
  • 3 x 5 man Crusader Squads in TL Las Razorbacks
  • 9 man Assault Squad – Melta Bombs and a PW
  • 3 Bikes + Assault Bike – 2xMelta + Multi Melta

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4 Responses to Thinking about going Old School for this week’s games….

  1. kennedy says:

    Any time that you go back to an older codex and try to create an army list that is similar to a new one, you run into some problems. One problem is the fact that costs are drastically higher on some things, other things don’t work and you lose some of the options that make stuff work.

    Thus, while I think that the list is decent when taken by itself, in comparison to the lists made from modern codexes it just doesn’t scare me as much.

    If you’re gonna make a Templar list, you should use those few little bits of efficiency that you can still pull out. One of which is 5 man Termies with 2 Assault Cannons and Tank Hunters. 8 Rending Autocannon Shots at 24″ Range = Win. I ain’t all that familiar with other Templar stuff, but I do know you can also take a bunch of 5 man squads with heavy and special weapons (ye olde las-plas squad, lol).

    However, I suspect that your goal with this is to build down to the level of other local competitors. In which case, I think the list is still gonna stomp in the colons of 90% of those you’ll face. (Although I would like to see you face Wes with this. It might be a really tough game for you.)

    If you can make a 1500 (I’ll likely have this level written up by Thursday) or 1250 version, I’d actually like to face this with my Nids (if you’d be amenable).

  2. clt40k says:

    Yeah, it’s a bit more local… but its bare minimum what I’d call competative. You’re 100% right, the other Dex’s do it better and cheaper…. so I wanted to put in Bikes and Jumpers (which wolves can’t do) along with the Accept any Challenge fun… One part hangs back and shoots, the dreads, jumpers and bikes go full throttle…

    I believe I’ve got a game set up with Brian on Thurs…. I think his list will do alright with this one…. but I’m cool with getting a game in vs the nids too in the near future…

    Do you want a more competative list? Space wolf would give the most competition but that’s cause I’ll run Long Fangs and the Rune Priest… but I could do something with codex too…

    My “Stock” 1500 wolf list is:
    Rune Priest w/ 8 GH in a rhino
    2 Razorback squads
    3 Riflemen
    3 max longfangs
    1 Typhoon…

    For Codex it’s
    2 full tac squads in Razorbacks
    2 riflemen
    3 typhoons
    3 autolas preds

    • kennedy says:

      Honestly, since I’m still learning the Nids, I’d prefer to go a little softer until I’m ready to get squashed flat by 15 missiles to the face every turn 😉

      Like I say, I’d really like to see what a 1500 Templars would look like. It’ll be different than some of the very “Sit back and shoot” power armor that is what everyone else seems to bring.

  3. clt40k says:

    Sat down with it last night… still working it out.

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