Skaven Started – With Army Painter

So here’s the first test piece for my Skaven Army. 

Also, I’ve got a Brettonian army in the works that will be using historical Crusader minis from Perry Brothers minis…  The test models for that project should be arriving tomorrow or the next day.  So, in the 2250 list I’ve put together, I’ll need about 100+ models.  I refuse to play a poorly painted army (or at least it needs to be as well painted as I can get it)  So there is a real need to be able to a lot done quickly…  While, I will play unpainted armies… but I really do enjoy the game a lot more when my stuff looks good.  So in order to get full enjoyment from the hobby I need to knock out about 300 models, I decided to give “Army Painter” a try…  

On the first pic you can see how I painted the mini before applying the dip.  As you can see, there was really nothing more than just blocking in the colors.  I tried to make it as crisp as possible…. but it’s really unimpressive. 

I decided not to use the dip method, but rather treated it like it was a wash.  I guess the best way to describe it is to treat it like a sloppy wash… but it’s a little sticky…  So you have the opportunity to go back and add in more where it looks thin.  After a minute or two, I started to see a lot of excess gathering.  Thanks to the internet, I knew I needed to wick it off with a dry brush….  I think I did a good job.  Then I let it dry for the night.  Today I slapped on some Dull Coat varnish (testors) and this is the final product.

 As you can see, the results are pretty stunning…  Now, can you get the same effect with washes and drybrushing…  Sure, and in a lot of ways, you can do a much better job…  but it’s really hard to get that same effect in as little time as I spent on this guy. 

So couple of lessons learned….

  • The pigment will darken your colors a bit.
  • Take some time when you block paint.  I went over it once pretty rough… then when back with each color used and cleaned up the edges…. I think starting with a good base will make a huge difference… 
  • It looks blobby and yucky right after you put the varnish on…  You’ve got to let it sit a day and then hit it will dull coat to really get the effect.  As it dries it gets pulled into the crevices…  but right out of the gate, you’ll get the feeling that you may have just wasted $30 and a mini.
  • Also, it takes a while to dry… after about 3 hours it wasn’t tacky….
  • They say it works best with brighter colors (ie you get more depth of shading)  On the piece above you can see on his chest armor straps that Bestial Brown does not stand out much next to the Vermin brown…  I would have done better to make that a white…. which leads me to my next point
  • Contrasting colors work best… might be worth some time planning out your painting.

Finally I think it’s worth discussing what it is and what it isn’t…  It’s not a magic one step solution to getting decent looking models.  Think if it like “Super Devlan Mud” —  If you paint too heavily or are sloppy then it will just look like a muddy version of this.  Also, on the test piece above… I haven’t done a single thing to spruce it up past the block painting…  But I can see where I might want to go back and do a drybrush or some detail painting…  While I don’t anticipate using this on my marines… I do think it will save me a lot of time with getting my Skaven tabletop ready….


5 thoughts on “Skaven Started – With Army Painter

  1. Hrm… Looks like a good solution for all those skaven… I’d try it on something of mine, but I don’t think it’d work for Dark Eldar, and I already have all the stuff for my nids… I’d like to see this in person, at some point.

  2. This is the kind of method that ‘horde’ army players will totally love. Being a Tomb Kings player, I may try this out myself on my rank and file… 🙂

    Great job!

  3. Thanks guys…

    Kennedy… it’s hot… and stupid simple to do… we should try it on a nid and see how it works…. I was actually thinking Brian’s HE army could benefit from this a lot…

    1. I’m using the strong tone (ie, the middle one) From what I’ve read and seen on the net… it looks like the soft tone is brown ink, the dark tone is black, and the strong tone is a mix of the two….

      Funny thing is that I’ve now done a few lizards with it… looks great, more skaven… looks great, and an apothecary for my Marines… and he looks great too…. I’m not quite ready to throw away my washes… but the army painter will really help reduce the production time w/o really loosing quality.

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