Lizardmen win in the fist round…

So last night I won my Fantasy game in the first turn.  I was playing my buddy Justin’s Ogres.  He got first turn, pushed everything forward.  I had deployed my Chameleon skinks as a screen out of his charge range… then he moved them up so I could have a more effective double tap with the blowguns.  Also, he had spread his deployment out too much, so I was able to castle up in the center and then shift to my right side of the table.

His first turn his scrap launcher did some good damage… and his lead belchers were just out of range of anything.  So I lucked out.  In the magic phase he gave his three units magic resistance, I blocked one, and then miscast…  My turn I moved to castle up on my right side.  My skinks came in for their shooting…  I figured I couldn’t really couldn’t stop him from getting a charge off on turn two, but I could at least get a round of shooting and a “stand and shoot” reaction to his 2 x 9 units of bulls and his IC (a tyrant I think)  In my magic phase, I cast Dwellers on a unit and did so with IR… the miscast was bad, so I used the cupped hands of the old ones to donate it to his Butcher…  that took 3 levels and deleted spells for him (the one that lets him get wounds back)  Then I cast throne, miscast on Flesh to stone (2+ saved me)….  But his bulls had run after losing 6 of 9 to dwellers and I was able to put 70 poisoned shots at his remaining guys…  His Tyrant, who wasn’t in a unit, died to that torrent…. and he conceded….  The next turn, his guys would still be trying to get to my side of the board, and his bulls could only charge a unit of skinks… 

So in honor of that massacre… I have this song for everyone…  I may be dating myself, but it reminds me of the line from the old Simon and Garfunkle song by the same name:  I’d rather be a hammer than a nail….

Also, my buddy Brian brought me an elf for sacrifice.  I had asked him for one to dip to see how it would look on his high elfs.  Brian really doesn’t use washes on his minis… and I thought it would really look good.  So last night I hit him with the dip.  Put the dullcoat on the AM, but was running late so I didn’t have a chance to take any pics.  I think it made a really nice difference in the model…  Especially the face.  Also, by dulling down the metal plates and giving them more depth, I think he’ll find the overall effect pleasing.


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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