Painting Update – Lizzies, Brets, Rats and a Fairy

So first up are my Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes…   These guys were done using the Army Painter strong tone.  Did them in an evening last week.  But I just got the basing finished up this afternoon.

Next up is the first of the Bretonnian Knights I’ve been kicking around for the past year or so.  Last year, the local club was going to do Fantasy, but with the new release on the way, I held off getting into it so that I wouldn’t have to learn a new rule set… And because nobody was really playing at the time.

For these Knights, I’m saving their heraldry till last…  I only have about 30-40 to do, so it won’t be a big deal.

Here are pics of some of the individual knights.

And a big group shot…. ’cause one knight isn’t nearly as impressive as a conroy of them…

Next are some pics of the Elf snatching…  My buddy Brian let me play mad scientist on one of his finished elf dudes….

And finally a Skaven update….

I like the way this guy came out…  But he’s really just a test piece…  Because I had chopped up his nice rock thingy that he’s standing one… he doesn’t fit very well in the ranks…  So he’ll probably not see the field… unless I run his as a wizard or something…

Another test piece.  I have decided on not using the vermin brown as their primary skin/fur-tone.  There just isn’t enough contrast with their spears and shields…

Here’s the Japanamie version of my engineer… I tried to do the whole Hakama and Kimono thing… but I think it really just came out looking kind of dumb… 

Finally, here’s the scheme I have settled on…  Codex Grey for the skin…. 

And here’s a couple of finished weapons teams….

Hope you enjoyed!


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