Grey Knight Squad finished

Just finished these guys up.  (well to be honest, I probably have a little bit of clean up work to do on them… but not much)  

I really don’t like GW’s metal minis…  There is too much weird dead space in the model (I’m guessing that’s so they can cast them easier….)  Also, these guys were a mess when I got them.  But for $2.50 each, I shouldn’t complain too much.  But after sitting in brake fluid for 2 days, there were still patches of the bottom coat of paint (I think there were at least 3 coats on them…  at one point they were ultramarines blue)  Also, there are weird places on the models where it looks like they got a bad casting.. Ie, a couple of mangled parts (thankfully, nothing terribly visible though) 

But here they are….  I figure I’ll run them in some of my “fun” lists…


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This blog is here to capture my obsession with painting little plastic men... You NEVER really get over being 11...
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6 Responses to Grey Knight Squad finished

  1. For what it counds like you started with, they don’t look bad at all.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Justin Kates says:

    I’m about 99% sure the guy used grey automotive primer on those figs. I’m about to do a second acetone bath on mine.

  3. Paul says:

    These look great man. You’re a one man painting machine!!! I’m sure you’ve heard about the upcoming new Codex in April?

  4. clt40k says:

    Hey Justin, I think you’re right…. How does the acetone work? I assume it’s metal only right?

    Paul & Ron – thanks for the encouragement.

    I’m not really all that excited about the new dex… as of right now, I’m not really planning on doing GKs… But I’ll probably pick up a few squads of the new plastics… Right now, I can pretty much run any loyalist codex with my existing models…. So GKs might be fun too…. But first I need about 5 more boxes so I can do an all jumper list.

  5. Justin Kates says:

    Yes and it seems I was logged in as one of my clients… sorry

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