Updating my list for WFB Lizardmen

So I think I need to adjust my Lizardmen list so that it’s more fun to play against.

Given the ultimate goal to have a fun and balanced game with the guys on Thursday nights I think it’s time to knock some of the win out of my Lizards…

There are two elements that my opponents seem to be having an impossible time dealing with. The first is the fact that a properly kitted out Slann Mage Priest is the best mage in the game. Between the Becalming Cognition (their wizard throws out sixes) and the Focused Rumination (I get an extra die each time I cast a spell) it’s just brutal and I tend to dominate the magic phase pretty solidly.

Second thing that folks are not able to deal with is the scouting Chameleon Skinks. More to the point, its that I drop 30 of them and pick a side of their deployment to completely destabilize. Surprisingly, when I put this concept on the forums… I tend to get little to no reaction around the tactic… But if I mass fire, then I’m looking at putting 60 shots on a target turn one. So far in the games I’ve played with them, nobody has had an answer for it… In two games vs High Elves last night, I pretty much won both of them by turn 2. In one, my opponent left me an opening in his deployment to march them right into his command group with his wizard. In the second, I just rolled a flank and then dropped the wizard on a dragon turn two. This has been pretty consistent in all of my games though. I think I’ve only actually gotten into close combat with either saurus or temple guard once or twice… Rest of the time, it’s just been me shooting the heck out of my opponent.

So, I think that if I drop one of the two elements, the game will be a lot more balanced for my local group… So most likely the Chameleons will go and I’ll probably just add more Salamanders (just cause their flame templates are massive fun…. Or I might replace the Slann with an Old one on a Carnisaur and leave the chameleons in… that way, they only have to deal with one bit of bad news… and could do stuff in the magic phase (or at least not get a Dwellers starting on turn 2)



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2 Responses to Updating my list for WFB Lizardmen

  1. Nikephoros says:

    My brain bonked when I realized this may be the first time someone asked for help making their list worse.

  2. clt40k says:

    Lol… Granted, all of us who are playing WFB at our gaming store are pretty new to it… so it’s possible that we’ve just got things all backwards and that’s the reason for the inbalance… but if the game is over turn 2 and all you get to do is roll 6+ saves vs the Chameleons and kill a couple of guys with your shooting, then the game pretty much sucks for you…. and it sucks for me cause I get to win without any real effort. I don’t really know enough about the game to help my buddy optimize his list (other than to take Purple Sun – which I’ve suggested) So my thought is to tailor the list so that it’s still a fun and competative game for both of us…

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