BatRep – Marneus and Whirlwinds vs a Good Codex list..

Mission – Capture and Control (2 objectives)
Deployment – Dawn of War

His List –

3 Tac Squads with TL-Las Razorbacks
2 Missile TL-Las Dreads
1 Melta DCCW/Heavy Flamer Dread in a Pod
3 Typhoons with Multi-Meltas
2 Auto-Las Preds
1 Vindicator

My List –

Marneus Calgar, Lord of Macragge + Assault Squad with Sgt (PW and Meltabombs) in a Rhino
Sgt Telion and his Sniper Scouts with ML
2 x Combat Squad in TL Las Razorbacks
1 x 10 man in TL Las Razorback
3 Rifleman Dreads
3 Whirlwinds
2 Typhoons

My deployment (after turn one)  – Pretty much central.  His objective was on the far right side of the table.  Mine on the far left.  I should have dropped my objective more central so that I could junk up the place with Tanks and make it harder for him to rush me at the end… but oh well… you live and learn.  I put Marneus and friends directly across from his objective and started to run the rhino at him…. Marneus was supported by a rifleman and a whirlwind… 

Brian deployed most of his tanks behind his objective and had a combat squad in terrain and another in a Razorback.  His Libby, speeders and autocannon dread lined up across from my objective.

Shooting – I got my butt kicked in the shooting phases of the game.  Buy turn 2 my Razorbacks were 2 immobile and none of them had their guns.  By turn 3 I was down a Rifleman dread and a speeder with one of the Whirlwinds stunlocked.

Big lesson here is that I gave my opponent a really easy time with his target priority.  He pretty much ignored the Whirlwinds all game (go figure) and was able to trash my ability early on to shoot back early on….  So in order to counter it, I would have been MUCH better off bringing Dakka preds instead.  In fact, I think that’s what I’ll do next time if I play this list again (which I probably will… I did have a lot of fun when I wasn’t getting dishragged) 

From a tactical perspective, it was a nice change of pace from my ususal…  I think I’ll play with the concept a bit more…  Definately gonna throw Dakka preds into the mix going forward.


In other news, the first of Kennedy’s Nids are painted and done… I’ll try to get another post up tonight.  My camera was out of juice last night so I couldn’t take any photos… 

Also, while my Pike and Shotte order is still in Mail Limbo…  The first part of my new Bretonnian army came yesterday (In the spirit of the Pike and Shotte, I’m using Saxons for Bretonnians… so far the list’s I’m coming up with are troop heavy – like 200 strong)


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